Sample ielts speaking parts1 and 2 pdf

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sample ielts speaking parts1 and 2 pdf

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42 Topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1 and Suggested Answers (free PDF download)

We organize all questions by test date. Ok, here's some paper and a pencil to make notes, and here is your topic. Memorable journey Describe a memorable journey you have made. Download Free PDF. What standards of behaviour should teachers set?

There are hundreds of different IELTS Speaking topics that could come up in your test but most of them fall into around 40 subject areas. The whole point of the IELTS exam is to assess your ability to use the English language to communicate in a wide range of everyday situations. Use it as a guide as you decide where to focus your learning when working to broaden your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills. Because of this, there are plenty of free online resources to help you learn about the subjects, such as articles, short videos and podcasts. It takes a long time to prepare for the exam and lots of practise, so take your time and work on improving your English step-by-step, one day at a time.

An example of the ielts speaking topics part 1 2 3 pdf.

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How To Write A Test Essay

November 22, November 16, November 14, November 8,

Note: The red links are our most popular and recommended speaking questions rated by our students and you can practice them free anytime you like.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Techniques and Samples

Two other topics with various questions will be categorized in the list below. Remember not to memorize the suggested answers for Speaking Part 1 because you should give personal answers from your life and experience. There is no right or wrong answer. Remember that these are personal questions and you should, therefore, give personal answers.

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42 TOPICS FOR IELTS SPEAKING PART 1. 1. Name. 2. Study/major/Work. 3. Hometown So for example, if it normally takes me, say, half an hour to get to the.


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