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maritime economics and logistics pdf

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Factors influencing the dry bulk sales and purchase market : capesize vessels , Alexandros N. Relationship between port performance and economic development : a case study on the Freeport of Monrovia , Deanna Dolobah-Togba.

Martin Stopford Maritime Economics 4th Edition Pdf

Introduction 9 2. It aims to present a reliable picture of the results of the degree programme submitted for this review, provide feedback for the internal quality assessment of the institutes concerned, and serve as the basis for accreditation by the Netherlands Flemish Accreditation Organization NVAO. QANU ensures independent, unbiased, critically constructive assessments using identical quality criteria as far as possible, while taking specific circumstances into account. The programme was evaluated in a thorough and careful manner. We trust our conclusions and recommendations will be treated likewise. We thank the Chairman and members of the Assessment Committee for their willingness to participate in this assessment and for the dedication with which they carried out this task.


The Maritime Economics Martin Stopford Pdf is divided into three distinct parts; Part I analyses the micro-foundations of maritime economics, by deriving the demand and supply functions in the freight spot and period , shipyard, second-hand and scrap markets. Part II reviews the efficiency of shipping markets and the theory of business and shipping cycles. Part III analyses the financialisation of shipping markets, the constraints of ship finance, the interaction between business and shipping cycles, and offers a case study of how decisions should be taken. For years shipping has served the world economy and today it provides a sophisticated transport service to every part of the globe. This blend of sophisticated logistics and larger than life entrepreneurs makes it a unique case study of classical economics in a modern setting. The 21st century has seen shipping evolve from a fundamental transport industry into an asset which is at the mercy of speculative flows and business cycles. This structural shift has a number of important ramifications for the business of shipping as well as for investment strategy.

The Time Factor in Liner Shipping Services

Trade ; 14 1 : 65 - This paper focuses on dry port as a key notion in port-hinterland development. We first discuss the concept of dry port by reviewing existing literature.

Maritime Supply Chains breaks the maritime chain into components, consistently relating them to the overall integrated supply chain. The book not only analyzes and provides solutions to frequently encountered problems and key operational issues, it also applies cutting-edge scientific techniques on the maritime supply chain. Sections consider shipping, ports and terminals, hinterland and the issues that intersect different parts of the chain. Readers will find discussions of the various actors at play and how they relate to the overall function of the supply chain.

Maritime Supply Chains

Research in maritime economics is changing, most noticeably from the rather narrow 'modal' approach of the past to one focusing on the optimisation of global supply networks. With such a perspective, ports, particularly container terminals, become crucial nodes in complex transport networks, while ocean carriers are being transformed into logistics service providers through vertical integration and investments in information technology.


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