Refraction and total internal reflection ppt to pdf

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refraction and total internal reflection ppt to pdf

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Learning Objectives.

Optics Ppt

Learning Objectives. Book Reference : Pages Optics: Total Internal Reflection. To understand the concept of T otal I nternal R eflection T. To be able to apply TIR to applications such as fibre optics and gem stones.

Total Internal Reflectionis an example of refraction note the difference in naming! The critical angle is the angle at which the emergent ray is refracted along the boundary between the two materials, i. Diamond has a very high R. The diamond also disperses the light into the colours of the spectrum. Fibre optics are a major application of Total Internal Reflection. Total internal Reflection carries the light from one end of the fibre to the other There are two primary examples: Medical Endoscopes Fibre Optic communication T.

Fibre optics consist of a core surrounded by cladding. TIR takes place at the core-cladding boundary Fibre Optics 1. Core must be very optically clear transparent to reduce absorption Cladding is a lower refractive index than the core Cladding prevents crossover from one fibre to another when in direct contact Core needs to be thin to prevent Multipath Dispersion Fibre needs to be flexible Often bundled together Fibre Optics 2.

Endoscopes are used to see inside enclosed spaces. They have many medical and other uses. Internal inspection of aircraft structures Endoscopes 1. Today fibre optics are increasing used for high speed data communication. They have the following beneficial properties Immune to electromagnetic interference noise!

No electrical current so no heating effect Lower losses per unit length : Allows longer distances between repeater amplifiers No corrosion Higher Bandwidth, more data to be transmitted Fibre Optic Communication. Fibre Optic Multipath Dispersion Data pulse in Direct Stretched Data pulse out Reflected If the core is wide then light travelling directly along the axis of the fibre red travels a shorted distance than the light which is repeatedly internally reflected blue.

This can stretch data pulses sent down the fibre and cause corruption of the data. White light is a mixture of all colours of the spectrum. Spectral dispersioncan also occur if white light is used : Violet light travels more slowly than red light.

This difference in speed causes data pulses to widen which could lead to data corruption To resolve this monochromatic light, light of a single wavelength is used Spectral Dispersion. Create Presentation Survey Quiz Lead-form. Create Presentation Download Presentation. Skip this Video. Loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds.. Download Presentation. Share Presentations. Email Presentation to Friend. Uploaded on Jul 26, Related More by user.

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Light does not escape as it travels along the fiber optics cable because it undergoes total internal reflection. Doctors using a fibroscope to investigate suspected lung cancer in a patient's bronchi airways. A fibroscope is a flexible fibre optic cable with a camera on the end,. If the ray is incident on surface BC, from which surface and at what angle will the ray leave the block? Measure angle of ray2 hitting block. Angle is greater than critical angle of Draw ray3 following Law of Reflection.

total internal reflection.ppt

Report Download. The students Understand the phenomena of total internal reflectionAppreciate the applications of total internal reflection in various fields Develop logical reasoning abilityAre Exposed to the use of Total Internal Reflection in modern communication systems. What is Refraction?

Eighth Grade Grade 8 Light and Optics questions for your custom printable tests and worksheets.

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What happen if i is bigger than c? The light is reflected internal at the surface in a medium glass. Its known as Total Internal Reflection.

A common Physics lab is to sight through the long side of an isosceles triangle at a pin or other object held behind the opposite face. When done so, an unusual observation - a discrepant event - is observed. The diagram on the left below depicts the physical situation.

Report Download. The students Understand the phenomena of total internal reflectionAppreciate the applications of total internal reflection in various fields Develop logical reasoning abilityAre Exposed to the use of Total Internal Reflection in modern communication systems. What is Refraction? Refraction is the bending of light at the surface of separation between two transparent media when light passes from one medium to anotherLight bends towards the normal when it travels from a rarer to denser mediumLight bends away from the normal when it travels from a denser to rarer medium. Consider a ray of light travelling from a denser to rarer mediumThe ray of light bends away from the normal in the rarer mediumDenser mediumRarer medium. The refracted ray bends more away from the normal and nears the surface of separation.

Lecture Light: Reflection, Refraction, and Dispersion the conditions under which total internal reflection occurs, and apply total internal reflection to fiber optic and Powerpoint: lectureppt; Pdf (recommended for printing): lecture​pdf.

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Whenever you look into a mirror or squint at sunlight glinting off a lake, you are seeing a reflection. When you look at the text in a book, you are actually seeing the light that is reflected from it. Large telescopes use reflections to form images of stars and other astronomical objects. In fact, the only way we can see an object that does not itself emit light is if that object reflects light. The law of reflection is illustrated in, which also shows how the angles are measured relative to the perpendicular to the surface at the point where the light ray strikes. The law of reflection is very simple: The angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence. When we see our reflection in a mirror, it appears that our image is actually behind the mirror — we see the light coming from a direction determined by the law of reflection.

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