Functions and procedures in vb pdf

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functions and procedures in vb pdf

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Procedures and Functions

A function is similar to a procedure but the main purpose of the function is to accept a certain input from the user and return a value which is passed on to the main program to finish the execution. There are two types of functions in VB6, the built-in functions or internal functions and the functions created by the programmers. In this lesson, you will learn two very basic but useful internal functions of Visual basic , i. We shall learn about other built-in functions in coming lessons. The format is as follows:. The first argument, Prompt, will display the message in the message box. The Title argument will display the title of the message board.

Procedures in Visual Basic 6

Visual Basic offers different types of procedures to execute small sections of coding in applications. The various procedures are elucidated in details in this section. Visual Basic programs can be broken into smaller logical components called Procedures. Procedures are useful for condensing repeated operations such as the frequently used calculations, text and control manipulation etc. The benefits of using procedures in programming are: It is easier to debug a program a program with procedures, which breaks a program into discrete logical limits. Procedures used in one program can act as building blocks for other programs with slight modifications. A sub procedure can be placed in standard, class and form modules.

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We use procedures and functions to create modular programs. Visual Basic statements are grouped in a block enclosed by Sub , Function and matching End statements. The difference between the two is that functions return values, procedures do not. A procedure and function is a piece of code in a larger program. They perform a specific task. The advantages of using procedures and functions are:.

The difference between the two is that functions return values, procedures do not. A procedure and function is a piece of code in a larger program.

VBScript Functions & Procedures with Example

Net Functions VBScript procedures are used mainly for code organization and reuse. Function procedures return a value. For particular functions, see the relevant parts of the manual. Functions, Sub Procedures And Arguments

We have been using simple examples till now as here the purpose is learning VBScript. But in real-world scenario, the code is not as simple as that. When you try to implement something that is useful, the code might get more complex.

Procedures and functions provides a means of producing structured programs. Rather than repeating the same operations at several different places in the program, they can be placed in a procedure or function. This not only makes the program easier to read, but saves a lot of time and effort in maintaining the program. A procedure is a block of code that performs some operation. The events we have been using so far are a special form of procedure known as an event procedure.

Procedures and Functions

For example, while we were using forms so far, we couldn't write code on a form. We had to access the Code Editor. Practical Learning: Introducing Modules.


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