Advantages and disadvantages of web mining pdf

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advantages and disadvantages of web mining pdf

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Data Mining: Purpose, Characteristics, Benefits & Limitations

By Swati Tawde. Data mining is a process used by an organization to turn the raw data into useful data. Utilizing software to find patterns in large data sets, organizations can learn more about their customers to develop more efficient business strategies, boost sales, and reduce costs. Useful data collection, storage, and processing of the data are important advantages of data mining. To create models, marketing companies use data mining. This was based on history to forecast who will respond to new marketing campaigns such as direct mail, online marketing, etc.

What is Text Mining in Data Mining – Process & Applications

To make the meaning of data mining easy, one can separate the words and try to understand the meaning better. Here data mining can be taken as data and mining , data is something that holds some records of information and mining can be considered as digging deep information about using materials. So in terms of defining,. Data mining is a process that is useful for the discovery of informative and analyzing the understanding of the aspects of different elements. We can always find a large amount of data on the internet which are relevant to various industries.

Web mining refers to the whole of data miningand related techniques that are used toautomatically discover and extract informationfrom web documents and services. When used in abusiness context and applied to some type ofpersonal data, it helps companies to builddetailed customer profiles, and gain marketingintelligence. Web mining does, however, pose athreat to some important ethical values likeprivacy and individuality. Web usage mining raises privacyconcerns when web users are traced, and theiractions are analysed without their knowledge. Furthermore, both types of web mining are oftenused to create customer files with a strongtendency of judging and treating people on thebasis of group characteristics instead of ontheir own individual characteristics and merits referred to as de-individualisation.

Stay updated with latest technology trends Join DataFlair on Telegram!! Incorporating Text Mining Results in Data Mining Projects, after significant words have been extracted from a set of input documents. And after singular value decomposition has been applied to extract salient semantic dimensions. Typically the next and most important step is to use the extracted information. Clustering and factoring.

Advantages of Data Mining

Web mining is the application of data mining techniques to discover patterns from the World Wide Web. As the name proposes, this is information gathered by mining the web. It makes utilization of automated apparatuses to reveal and extricate data from servers and web2 reports, and it permits organizations to get to both organized and unstructured information from browser activities, server logs, website and link structure, page content and different sources. The goal of Web structure mining is to generate structural summary about the Web site and Web page. Technically, Web content mining mainly focuses on the structure of inner-document, while Web structure mining tries to discover the link structure of the hyperlinks at the inter-document level.

An ontology is a formal description of knowledge as a set of concepts within a domain and the relationships that hold between them. To enable such a description, we need to formally specify components such as individuals instances of objects , classes, attributes and relations as well as restrictions, rules and axioms. As a result, ontologies do not only introduce a sharable and reusable knowledge representation but can also add new knowledge about the domain.

Data mining is an important part of knowledge discovery process that we can analyze an enormous set of data and get hidden and useful knowledge. Data mining is applied effectively not only in the business environment but also in other fields such as weather forecast, medicine, transportation, healthcare, insurance, government…etc. Data mining has a lot of advantages when using in a specific industry. Besides those advantages, data mining also has its own disadvantages e. We will examine those advantages and disadvantages of data mining in different industries in a greater detail.


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