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kyc interview questions and answers pdf

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Upon graduating from your course, you will enter an ever-increasing competitive job market.

The key here is to show that you were proactive. How did you find out about the potential problems? How did you address it quickly?

100 kyc consultant interview questions and answers pdf

The questions are submitted by professionals to help you to prepare for the Interview. Vskills Certifications Why Vskills Search. Induction training is provided to employees at the start of their employment.

Induction training is a form of introduction for new starters in order to enable them to do their work in a new profession or job role within a business or establishment. Report This Question. Cash transaction report as per PMLA. Also referred as currency transaction report. Money laundering is the process of concealing the source of money obtained by illicit means such as gambling, corruption, extortion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, etc. It is the process of making dirty money clean.

Identify the KYC element which best relates to the stated practice. Effective information-gathering strategies enable building of a solid information base about each customer. Customer identification, It involves effective information-gathering strategies enable building of a solid information base about each customer. Banks are required to clearly spell out the Customer Identification Procedure to be carried out at different stages i. The objectives of KYC is to ensure appropriate customer identification, Monitor transactions of suspicious nature.

Any failure to report suspicious activity can carry a criminal sentence and lead to substantial fines from the relevant regulatory body. We need to keep customer due diligence up-to-date for all the clients. We would require to have sufficient documentary ID details on the files but if there has been any subsequent change to their circumstances or risk profile, we should update the customer due diligence.

Money laundering is the conversion of money illegally obtained to make it appear as if it originated from a legitimate source. Money laundering is employed by launderers worldwide to conceal criminal activity associated with it such as drugs trafficking, terrorism and extortion.

With reference to RBI guidelines issued vide all banks are required to formulate a KYC Policy with the approval of their respective boards. The KYC Policy consists of following key elements - 1. Customer Acceptance Policy 2. Customer Identification Procedures 3. Monitoring of Transactions 4. Risk Management.

Customer Identification refers to identifying the customer and verifying identity through reliable and independent documents, data and information. In which case the banks would need to satisfy to the competent authorities that due diligence was observed in accordance with the requirements of existing laws and regulations. Under which conditions KYC should be applied? At the opening of a subsequent account where documents as per current KYC standards not submitted, at the time ofopening the initial account.

At the opening of a locker facility where these documents are not available with the bank for all locker facility holders. Based on the conduct of the account when the bank feels it is necessary to obtain additional information from existing customers. After periodic intervals as instructed by the RBI. Also, if there are changes to signatories, mandate holders, beneficial owners, etc. The general guidelines followed by banks to allow customers to open accounts with them refers to Customer Acceptance Policy.

Generally the guidelines stipulate that no accounts shall be opened in anonymous or hypothecial names or when the identity of the customer matches with any person with known criminal background or banned entities. Regularly reviewing customer information and having systems to conduct account monitoring is what the Ongoing Customer Due Dilligence is. While this is required for all the customers including the existing and not just the new customers. A Politically Exposed Person, or someone who holds a prominent public position, or an individual linked to them is known to be as a PEP.

The HM Treasury Financial Sanctions list specifies individuals with whom it is prohibited to transfer or make funds available to. To ensure that you are able to name popular applications, and have a solid idea of their purpose you need to take some time out. Besides, it can also enable you to check other data sets such as: PEPS and Sanctions lists, which is advisable and specified by the 3rd European Money Laundering Directive.

As the fraudulent documentation are on the rise, therefore, there is a need to refocus efforts on identifying them. In order to remove the risk of receiving potentially fraudulent documents the Electronic verification is designed; therefore you can have a greater level of confidence in their authenticity. Various checks are carried out on the documents to confirm as much as possible, thus reducing the risk of ID fraud. Also, the total withdrawal and transfers in a month should not exceed Rs.

Initially for a period of twelve months and thereafter such accounts remain operational, for a further period of twelve months if within twelve months of the opening of such account the holder of such an account provides evidence to the bank of having applied for any of the officially valid documents. Yes, By submitting a copy of any one of the valid documents as Proof of Identity PoI a normal account can be openend.

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Sample Interview Questions with Answers

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26 difficult banking interview questions (and how to answer them)

Looking for KYC jobs? Searching for interview questions to prepare well for the interview? KYC Know your customer is alternatively called know your client or 'KYC' is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients.

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26 difficult banking interview questions (and how to answer them)

The questions are submitted by professionals to help you to prepare for the Interview. Vskills Certifications Why Vskills Search. Induction training is provided to employees at the start of their employment.

KYC Interview Questions And Answers

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KYC Interview Questions & Answers


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