Mathematical fallacies and paradoxes pdf

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mathematical fallacies and paradoxes pdf

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Mathematical paradoxes and fallacies have long intrigued mathematicians. A mathematical paradox is a mathematical conclusion so unexpected that it is difficult to accept even though every step in the reasoning is valid.

Statistical fallacies are common tricks data can play on you, which lead to mistakes in data interpretation and analysis. Explore some common fallacies, with real-life examples, and find out how you can avoid them. The worst and most harmful example of being dishonest with data. However, people often only highlight data that backs their case, rather than the entire body of results.

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At some step in proving the Liar Paradox in natural language, a sentence is derived that seems overdetermined with respect to its semantic value. I argue that proofs of the Eubulidean Liar either use a principle of truth with non-canonical names in a fallacious way or make a fallacious use of substitution of identicals. Tarski never committed the first fallacy and may have himself considered it fallacious. Nevertheless, I clarify that it is fallacious. I then argue substitution of identicals needs to be restricted within the scope of the truth predicate. A logic for truth implementing this restriction is a monotonic extension of a classical first order logic, or indeed a formalizable fragment of natural language. This approach generalizes to invalidate proofs of Liar-like paradoxes, particularly the predicate form of the Knower paradox.

Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes

In mathematics , certain kinds of mistaken proof are often exhibited, and sometimes collected, as illustrations of a concept called mathematical fallacy. There is a distinction between a simple mistake and a mathematical fallacy in a proof, in that a mistake in a proof leads to an invalid proof while in the best-known examples of mathematical fallacies there is some element of concealment or deception in the presentation of the proof. For example, the reason why validity fails may be attributed to a division by zero that is hidden by algebraic notation. There is a certain quality of the mathematical fallacy: as typically presented, it leads not only to an absurd result, but does so in a crafty or clever way. Although the proofs are flawed, the errors, usually by design, are comparatively subtle, or designed to show that certain steps are conditional, and are not applicable in the cases that are the exceptions to the rules.

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Two Fallacies in Proofs of the Liar Paradox

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List of paradoxes

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List of paradoxes

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Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes


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