Sbi clerk exam questions and answers pdf

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sbi clerk exam questions and answers pdf

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More than clerk vacancies have been out by the SBI for the year The date for the SBI Clerk prelims exam is near and the candidates who have applied for this exam are curiously preparing for the exam. One thing any candidate should not forget to practice before the prelims examination and that is previous year question papers.

(Download) SBI Clerk Exam : General Awareness Solved Question paper

SBI Bank clerk will consists of one paper. One will be Objective Test. The details about the Objective. Reasoning Ability 2. General Awareness, Marketing and Computers 3. General English includes Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension. To gain prominence B. To praise oneself C.

To confess without of reserve D. To destroy before it blooms E. None of these. To become hungry B. To be in good mood C. To preserve ones energy D. To be aloof from E. To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty B. To catch a dangerous person C. To meet with disaster D.

To return to place of rest C. Back to original position D. To emphasise E. A private end to serve B. To fail to arouse interest C. To have no result D. To work for both sides E. Read the each sentence to find out if there is any grammatical error in it or not. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of the error part will be the answer.

We discussed about the problem so thoroughly B. No error found. An Indian ship B. I could not put up in a hotel B. The Indian radio B. A lot of travel delay is caused B. If you lend him a book B. In each of the given questions that are given below arrange the given words in a meaningful sequence and thus find the correct answer from alternatives.

Key 2. Door 3. Lock 4. Room 5. Switch on. Five, one, two, four, three B. Four, two, one, five, three C. One, three, two, four, five D.

Family 2. Community 3. Member 4. Locality 5. Three, one, two, four, five B. Three, one, four, two, five D. Three, one, four, five, two. Poverty 2. Population 3. Death 4. Unemployment 5. Two, three, four, five, one B. Three, four, two, five, one C. Two, four, one, five, three D. Nation 2. Village 3. City 4. District 5. Two, three, four, one, five C. One, three, five, four, two D. One, two, three, four,five. Caste 2. Family 3. Newly married Couple 4. Clan 5. Two, three, one, four, five B.

Three, four, five, one, two C. Three, two, one, four, five D. Four, five, three, two, one. In each of the following questions, you have given 5 words out of which four are alike in some manner, while the 5th one is different. Pick out the words which are different from the rest. Chicken B. Snake C. Swan D. Crocodile E. Kiwi B. Eagle C. Emu D. Rig-Veda B. Yajurveda C. Atharvaveda D. Ayurveda E. Curd B. Butter C. Oil D. Cheese E. Potassium B. Silicon C. Zirconium D. Gallium E. Brother B.

Uncle C. Cousin D. Nephew C. Uncle D.

Download Previous Year Question Paper PDF (With Solutions) – SBI | IBPS | IBPS RRB | etc.

So, start your preparation right now to crack this exam. Candidates will practice using various methods to clear the SBI clerk exam. This is the only way you can understand the weight-age of the topics and the nature of the questions will be asked in the upcoming SBI Clerk exam. As you practice more of these exam point of view questions, you may handle the exam with ease. It is very important for the candidates to practice mock tests and previous year question paper to test your preparations done for the upcoming SBI Clerk examination. In the table given below, all the important dates are mentioned for your quick reference.

In order to decrease the unemployment rate in India, The officials of State Bank of India has newly published a job notification which brought up nearly vacancies. The hiring of talented persons will be through preliminary examination followed by the main examination. Candidates, to crack the Bank Jobs exam, must have a proper plan and try to solve as many as possible previous exam question papers. Around 44 places in India, the exam will be conducted on scheduled dates. Clearing multiple numbers of Previous Question Papers of State Bank Clerk will lead you to know the questions which are repeated multiple times. Aspirants may note down the repeated questions and can go through them before one hour of the exam.

120+ Sbi Clerk Previous Year Question Papers Pdf : Sbi Junior Associate Model Papers

Which of the following Departments of the Govt. Who amongst the following is the Head of the RBI at present? Kamath B Mr.

Lakhs of candidates appear for this exam every year. This is a highly competitive exam and in order to ensure your entry in the banking sector, you have to score as high as possible. Furthermore, it will help you to get used to the test environment. SBI Clerk previous year papers will give you an idea about the nature of the questions asked in the exam.


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