Tools and techniques of cost reduction pdf

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tools and techniques of cost reduction pdf

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The following points highlight the top twelve techniques involved in strategic cost management. The techniques are: 1. Target Costing TC 3.

Cost Management Pdf. On agile projects, cost is mostly a direct expression of project time. Understanding why work elements are overrunning will assist the PM to develop solutions action plans to bring the project back within acceptable ranges. These types of business cost management techniques and analysis approaches are nothing new. With the limited literature for the.

Cost Management Pdf

Cost control is simply the prevention of waste within the existing environment. This environment is made up of agreed operating methods for which standards have been developed. Business firms aim at producing the product at the minimum cost. It is necessary in order to achieve the goal of profit maximisation. The success of financial management is judged by the action of the business executives in controlling the cost. This has led to the emergence of cost accounting systems. These standards may be expressed in a variety of ways, from broad budget levels to detailed standard costs.

There are only two ways to maximize profit of any organization: either to increase sale price of unit, or to reduce cost of that unit. Both above cases may result into gaining good profit. As we are seeing today, most of the businesses are facing tough competitive market situation where increase in sale price may result in to loss of sale. Increasing sale price is possible only in case of those products where the company is dealing in monopoly items and we all are aware that this situation cannot prolong for any company and its products. Therefore, cost reduction is only one scientific way to deal with this situation; provided it is real and permanent. Cost reduction should not be the result of any temporary decrement in cost of raw material, change in government polices etc. Cost reduction program is a continuous activity that cannot be treated as one time or short term activity.

Cost Control: Meaning, Tools, Techniques and Estimation of Cost Control

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Cost Accounting - Cost Reduction

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