Risk and return analysis of equity shares pdf

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risk and return analysis of equity shares pdf

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Various Avenues and Investments Alternative

Different avenues and alternatives of investment include share market, debentures or bonds , money market instruments, mutual funds, life insurance, real estate, precious objects, derivatives , non-marketable securities. All are differentiated based on their different features in terms of risk, return, term etc. Are you searching for investment alternatives for parking idle funds? This article provides a comprehensive list of such investment alternatives. Corporates and individuals have different needs. Before investing, these alternatives of investments need to be analyzed in terms of their risk, return, term, convenience, liquidity etc. Equity investments represent ownership in a running company.

Why Zacks? Learn to Be a Better Investor. Forgot Password. Return on investment is the profit expressed as a percentage of the initial investment. Profit includes income and capital gains. Risk is the possibility that your investment will lose money.

For example, the magnitude of returning an amount equal to three times the original investment is stronger than an amount equal to two times your investment. The risk of loss means the chances that the investment will fail. For example, the chance of failure of an investment might be one chance in three. In this situation, the probability of failure is 33 percent. Computing the expected return of an investment involves the estimated level of return and the risk of loss concepts discussed.

An analysis of risk and return in equity investment in banking sector

So, All of authors and contributors must check their papers before submission to making assurance of following our anti-plagiarism policies. India is one of the emerging economies, which have witnessed significant development in the stock markets during the liberalization policy initiated by the government. And Indian stock market is largely integrated with the world markets. In that Context financial crisis of was a glass case of large spillovers from one bank to another bank heightening risk. It is clear that the investing in banking shares include high risk at the same time it earns extremely negative return which is revealed by the performance analyses on selected banking shares. Investing in stocks is a risky business.

The higher the risk undertaken, the more ample the expected return — and conversely, the lower the risk, the more modest the expected return. Risk refers to the variability of possible returns associated with a given investment. Risk, along with the return, is a major consideration in capital budgeting decisions. The firm must compare the expected return from a given investment with the risk associated with it. Higher levels of return are required to compensate for increased levels of risk. In other words, the higher the risk undertaken, the more ample the return — and conversely, the lower the risk, the more modest the return. This risk and return tradeoff is also known as the risk-return spectrum.

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Equity Investments 2 Reading Overview of Equity Securities Subject 5. Risk and Return Characteristics of Equity Securities. Why should I choose AnalystNotes? AnalystNotes specializes in helping candidates pass.

Narayanasamy, Ms. Thirugnanasoundari, Stock market research is essential to good financial and investment decision making. It will be able to determine the market price and trading volume for the stock, high and low price for the stock over different periods and the earnings for the company. To ascertain the right choice of a security or portfolio to an investor, it depends on the level of risk that the stock carries.

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An analysis of risk and return in equity investment in banking sector

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PDF | Stock market is a market where a number of securities are traded such as equity shares, debentures, bonds, insurance products, mutual.