Exercises on superlative and comparative adjectives pdf

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exercises on superlative and comparative adjectives pdf

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Comparative adjective chart exercise PDF. Subscribe to get full access to the latest and best resources from eslflow.

Comparative adjectives in a sentence – Exercise 1

We constantly try to use descriptive words in expressing any situation, person, object or a different phenomenon in everyday life. The words we use to describe things determine the basic features of those things. Therefore, it is necessary to examine such word groups in a separate category. Adjectives characterize the nouns in the sentences in which they are used and form a more detailed, more saturated expression style. Therefore, such words are often preferred.

The lesson contains a grammar review and exercise based on Comparative and Superlative adjective forms as well as an exercise about using comparatives and superlatives in questions. The students then go on to do a comparison activity. Afterwards, students create a dialogue using the language from the lesson, which they then present to the keyExercise A and BAdjective Comparative Superlativegood better bestbad worse worstfun more fun. Practices , Adjectives , Comparative , Superlatives , Comparative and superlative practice. Link to this page:.

Practice making English sentences with superlatives with these superlative adjective exercises. If you would like to download PDF exercise worksheets about superlative adjectives then check out the section at the bottom of this page. Read the sentences and choose the correct superlative form. There are 15 questions. Fill in the blank space with the correct superlative adjective. Drag and drop the words to make a superlative sentence. Skip to content.

Exercises With Comparative And Superlative Adjectives Pdf

To make the comparative form of adjectives like 'bigger' or 'more expensive' and the superlative form like 'biggest' or 'most expensive' , first we need to know how many syllables are in the adjective. Complete the sentences. Use the superlative forms of the short adjectives. Comparative and superlative adjectives. Download full-size image from Pinterest. The comparative form We use the comparative form of the adjective to compare two things.

In this exercise you will practise comparative and superlative adjectives, including their spelling and irregularities. Speakspeak Intermediate grammar exercise: comparatives and superlatives. Home Downloads Grammar Exercises. English grammar practice exercise, for pre-intermediate and intermediate level. Exercise instructions Choose the correct answer in the following sentences. Related Posts Elementary grammar exercise: comparative adjectives bigger, older, better, worse ex.

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Comparative and Superlative Multiple Choice

Summer is hotter than winter. Football is more exciting than bowling. Asia is bigger than Europe. Weekends are better than weekdays.

Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on comparatives and superlatives. What are idioms? And how can idioms help you become a fluent speaker?

Comparative and Superlative Practice

Do the best you can! Remember that we use a comparative when comparing two things the subject of the sentence with another thing.


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