Assembly line design methodology and applications pdf

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assembly line design methodology and applications pdf

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Jig Design, Assembly Line Design and Work Station Design and their Effect to Productivity

The teaching method followed the philosophy of active learning and was applied in an action research approach; the proposed activity was tested and improved during applications in the classroom. The results were confirmed with positive feedback from the students involved in the exercises, which was obtained through a survey conducted after a set of applications. Although the proposed activity may have several possibilities for application, this paper focuses specifically on teaching the topics of work measurement and assembly line balancing, thus limiting the generalisability of these findings to other OM techniques. Therefore, it is important that the activity is further adapted to teach other OM topics. The activity performed with pipe fittings represents a practical exercise that contributes to reduction of the gap between theory and practice in OM education. Using simple and low cost materials, the students are involved in creating a real process from a fictional product.

Assembly line balancing, proposal of a new methodology: integrated balancing method

Global Manufacturing Network. Instant Pricing. Manufacturability Feedback. Fulfillment Transparency. CNC Machining.

Keep the Assembly Line Happy: 10 Design for Assembly Rules to Live By

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Assembly line balancing, proposal of a new methodology: integrated balancing method

Assembly line balancing, proposal of a new methodology: integrated balancing method

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