Uninterruptible power supplies and active filters pdf

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uninterruptible power supplies and active filters pdf

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A line-interactive UPS system implementation with series-parallel active power-line conditioning for three-phase, four-wire systems.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Aguilar and J. Arau and R. Caceres and I. Barbi and J. This paper presents a simplified sinusoidal uninterruptible power supply UPS system.

The proposed scheme includes features such as high power factor, low total harmonic distortion and good dynamic response at the AC output voltage. In addition, the scheme has the desirable characteristics, of high efficiency, simple circuit and low cost compared with a traditional standalone multiple stages UPS with power factor correction. View via Publisher. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed. Share This Paper. Background Citations. Methods Citations. Figures from this paper.

Citation Type. Has PDF. Publication Type. More Filters. View 2 excerpts, cites background. Research Feed. A novel uninterruptible power supply with high performance.

A reconfigurable uninterruptible power supply system for multiple power quality applications. Highly Influenced. View 4 excerpts, cites background and methods. View 1 excerpt, cites methods. View 1 excerpt, cites background. Single-phase uninterruptible power system topology concepts: Application to an universal active filter. View 2 excerpts, references background. Design of a simple high-power-factor rectifier based on the flyback converter.

View 1 excerpt. A boost DC-AC converter: operation, analysis, control and experimentation. View 1 excerpt, references background. Analysis of switching frequency reduction methods applied to sliding mode controlled DC-DC converters. Sliding mode controller for the boost inverter. Experimental study of a power conditioning system using sliding mode control.

A geometric approach to the feedback control of switch mode DC-to-DC power supplies. Variable structure control of nonlinear multivariable systems: a tutorial. Related Papers. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy , Terms of Service , and Dataset License.

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An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source UPS is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails. A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions, by supplying energy stored in batteries, supercapacitors , or flywheels. The on-battery run-time of most uninterruptible power sources is relatively short only a few minutes but sufficient to start a standby power source or properly shut down the protected equipment. It is a type of continual power system. A UPS is typically used to protect hardware such as computers , data centers , telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss.

This paper presents design consideration and performance analysis of novel reduced parts online three-phase uninterruptible power supply UPS system. The proposed UPS system is based on reduced switch count dual bridge matrix converter. It employs only six power switches and results in reducing the cost of the system compared to conventional online UPS topologies, while achieving excellent performance. Protecting sensitive loads like medical facilities, life supporting systems, data centers, telecommunication systems, and industrial processing systems are the main purpose of implementing uninterruptible power supplies UPSs system [ 1 ]. UPS system has to provide distortion free, high quality waveforms in order to ensure the reliable operation of the load, regardless of quality of the AC power source [ 2 ].

Although noise is less dramatic than high voltage transients, the long term effects of these frequent disturbances can be as damaging. The Sola STF Series offers the original active tracking technology to guard against commonly occurring, but very damaging, lower energy transients. Offering excellent noise reduction, the filter continuously tracks the input AC power line and responds instantly upon detecting extraneous high frequency noise. These filters are used for low energy, high frequency noise reduction and consist of a series of inductors, capacitors and resistors. STFs are load dependent which means that the series inductors located on each phase and neutral conductors are sized to handle the maximum current draw on the line. These inductors together with the capacitors and resistors form a circuit capable of absorbing a large bandwidth of noise.

Active filters have been known as an effective tool for har- monic mitigation as well as reactive power compensation, load balancing, voltage regulation, and.

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Active Harmonic Filters. Harmonic Problems. With the increased presence of electronics on power distribution systems, disruptive anomalies are created, and harmonics can become a problem.

An uninterruptible power supply UPS , also known as a battery backup, provides backup power when your regular power source fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. A UPS allows for the safe, orderly shutdown of a computer and connected equipment. The size and design of a UPS determine how long it will supply power.

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Lately, with the rise of nonlinear masses drawing nonsinusoidal currents, energy high quality distortion has develop into a major problem in electrical energy methods. Active filters have been often known as an efficient instrument for harmonic mitigation in addition to reactive energy compensation, load balancing, voltage regulation, and voltage flicker compensation. Then again, uninterruptible energy provide UPS methods present uninterrupted, dependable, and high-quality energy for important masses. They, the truth is, defend delicate masses towards energy outages in addition to overvoltage and undervoltage circumstances.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Control methods for Line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply with Shunt Active Power Filter Function Abstract: With the increasing number of non-linear loads in industry and households, power quality is given more importance. Power supply continuity and unity power factor are the requirements on the grid and load, respectively. When working as an APF, i.


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