Comparative and superlative activities pdf

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comparative and superlative activities pdf

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Comparatives and Superlatives

Interactive Version - This free comparatives and superlatives interactive lesson helps to teach your students how to make comparative and superlative adjectives and sentences. Interactive Version - In this comparatives and superlatives interactive worksheet, students complete an exercise where they write comparative and superlative sentences about various things. Interactive Version - In this comparatives and superlatives interactive breakout room activity, groups of students conduct a survey and then write comparative and superlative statements about their findings. Interactive Version - In this free comparative and superlative breakout room activity, students use comparative and superlative adjectives to complete questions and then predict a partner's responses. Interactive Version - In this comparative and superlative breakout room activity, students complete an interactive questionnaire about their preferences and then talk about them with a partner using comparatives and superlatives. Interactive Version - In this interactive comparatives and superlatives PDF worksheet, students review comparative and superlative structures by comparing information about four dog breeds. Past Simple Present Perfect Continuous.

Comparatives and Superlatives

In this lesson, students practice comparing 3 or more things using superlative adjectives. They play a superlatives game, do a fun class survey and read an interesting book about world records. Members get accompanying worksheets and classroom reader. A superlative adjective compares three or more nouns and shows the noun with the highest degree. This compares all of the mountains in the world and shows that Mount Everest if the highest of the lot.

A work in progress. I will be using this page to collect together tried and tested activities for practising comparatives and superlatives. Put students into pairs and task them with finding out enough information to make five comparisons between them. Put students into groups of three. Ask them to come up with five sets of sentences in the form of:. Decide on a category of objects which contains suitably varied items such as cars, animals, cities. Brainstorm and write on the board examples of adjectives which can be used to describe items from a chosen category.

Comparative and superlative games, worksheets, stories and songs

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Comparatives and Superlatives

comparative and superlative adjectives worksheet

After you have reviewed this free English lesson make sure to download it so you can use it for homework or in your English class. If a word ends with a consonant-vowel-consonant, double the last letter except if the word ends with a w, x, or z. The president is the most important person in the USA.

I will start the class with a short discussion for a real-life subject. I pretend that I am going to buy some gift for someone's birthday and ask students to give me an advice in this regard. I will show two pictures including 2 items and ask them to compare the related items with their own adjectives by asking "What do you think of these rings or games? I will provide students with a free practice regulated only for comparative adjectives in pairwork and ask them to correct each other's mistakes. Finally we revert to the class to express correct comparative sentence for each item.

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