Advantages of production planning and control pdf

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advantages of production planning and control pdf

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Functions of production planning and control are listed and explained below. The importance or functions of production planning and control: Utilizes resources effectively.

The production control is the function of management which plans, directs and controls the material supply and processing activities of an enterprise so that specified products are produced by specified methods to meet an approved sales programme. It ensures that activities are carried out in such a way that the available labour and capital are used in the best possible way. The British Standards Institute defines the term production control to include the following:. Issuing the necessary orders to the proper personnel through the prescribed channels for effecting the plan. To ensure availability of the means of carrying out the orders — the materials, machines, tools, equipment and manpower — in the required quality at the required time.

Production Planning for Small Manufacturers

Functions of production planning and control are listed and explained below. The importance or functions of production planning and control: Utilizes resources effectively. Makes flow of production steady. Estimates production resources. Maintains necessary stock levels. Coordinates departmental activities. Minimizes wastage of resources. Improves labor efficiency. Helps to face competition.

Provides better work environment. Facilitates quality improvement. Customer satisfaction. Reduces production costs. Production planning and control result in effective utilization of plant capacity, equipment and resources.

It results in low-cost and high-returns for the organization. Production planning and control ensure a regular and steady flow of production. All machines are put to their optimum use. This helps in achieving a continuous production of goods. This also helps to provide a regular supply of goods to consumers. The estimate is made based on sales forecast. So, production is planned to meet sales requirements.

Production planning and control prevent over-stocking and under-stocking of materials. Necessary stocks are maintained. Stock of raw-material is maintained at a proper level in order to meet production demands.

Stock of finished goods is also maintained to meet regular demands from customers. Production planning and control helps to co-ordinate the activities of different departments. Consider, for an example, the marketing department co-ordinates with production department to sell the goods. This results in profit to the organization. Production planning and control ensure proper inventory of raw-materials and effective handling of materials. This helps to minimize the wastage of raw materials.

It also ensures production of quality goods. This results in minimal rejects. So, it results in minimum wastage. There is maximum utilization of manpower. Training is provided to the workers. The profits are shared with the workers in form of increased wages and other incentives. Workers are motivated to perform their best.

This results in improved labor efficiency. Production planning and control help to give delivery of goods to customers in time. This is because of regular flow of quality production. So, the company can face competition effectively, and it can capture the market. Production planning and control provide a better work environment to workers. They get better work facilities, proper working hours, leave and holidays, increased wages and other incentives. Production planning and control facilitate quality improvement because the production is checked regularly.

Quality consciousness is developed among the employees through training, suggestion schemes, quality circles, etc. Production planning and control help to give a regular supply of goods and services to consumers at competitive market price. This results in customer satisfaction. Production planning and control make optimum utilization of resources, and it minimizes wastage.

It also maintains an optimal level of inventories. Overall, this reduces the production costs. Home Disclaimer Privacy Contact. No Comments. Label: Production Planning. Functions of Production Planning and Control Functions of production planning and control are listed and explained below.

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Scheduling (production processes)

Production Planning and Control: Objectives, Importance, and Limitations…Planning and control are interrelated and interdependent. Planning is meaningless unless control action is taken to ensure the success of the plan. Control also provides information feedback which helps modify the existing plans and in making new plans. Similarly, control is dependent on planning as the standards of performance are laid down under planning. Therefore, production planning and control should be considered an integrated function of planning to ensure the most efficient production and regulation of operations to execute the plans successfully.

structure, mathematical modelling, data control,. human centred systems and managerial style. Invariably advantage may be gained by.

Production Planning and Control

Scheduling is the process of arranging, controlling and optimizing work and workloads in a production process or manufacturing process. Scheduling is used to allocate plant and machinery resources, plan human resources, plan production processes and purchase materials. It is an important tool for manufacturing and engineering , where it can have a major impact on the productivity of a process.

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