Blood diamonds corruption and torture in angola pdf

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blood diamonds corruption and torture in angola pdf

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Rafael Marques de Morais born [1] is an Angolan journalist and anti-corruption activist [2] [3] who received several international awards for his reporting on conflict diamonds and government corruption in Angola. He currently heads the anti-corruption watchdog Maka Angola. Shortly after joining Jornal de Angola, Marques wrote an article on the forthcoming presidential election in which he quoted an opposition leader's criticism of dos Santos. He did not intend for the quotation to be published in the newspaper, but through some editorial error it did appear in the paper.

Blood diamonds: corruption and torture in Angola

Full PDF Version. I am the Executive Director of the Allard Prize for International Integrity, which is awarded biennially to an individual or organization that has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in combating corruption, especially through promoting transparency, accountability, and the rule of law.

Marques de Morais was a co-recipient of the Allard Prize, awarded for his body of work exposing corruption in Angola, and has earned other high-profile international awards for his investigative work. Given its reputation for reporting unbiased news, Maka Angola has the largest Facebook following of any news outlet in the country. Marques de Morais now faces criminal prosecution, apparently brought in retaliation for his criticism and exposure of government corruption.

His sentence could be over nine years in prison if convicted on the current criminal charges against him, which are as follows:. Marques de Morais in a civil suit, accusing him of:. Instead, they are based on the lawful practice of writing and disseminating news articles that address lawful topics of public interest and concern, here an alleged illegal land acquisition involving the Attorney General.

The prosecution of Mr. Marques de Morais and Mr. Specifically, Article 19 of the ICCPR requires Angola to ensure that everyone has the right to freely express opinions and share information. We respectfully request that you express your concern to the Angolan government about the charges brought against Mr.

If the charges against them are not dropped, we ask that you monitor Mr. Thank you for your consideration of this urgent matter. Please keep us informed of any action undertaken in respect of Mr. Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada Promoting human rights by protecting those who defend them. Background Mr. His sentence could be over nine years in prison if convicted on the current criminal charges against him, which are as follows: i Outrage to a Body of Sovereignty citing Art.

Marques de Morais in a civil suit, accusing him of: i Abuse of press freedom citing Art. Return to top of page.


Rafael Marques de Morais is currently on trial in Angola. His crime? To write a book that detailed the corruption of Angolan military generals. It is now clear that he is not getting a fair trial in a country that has yet to experience genuine democratisation. His experience reveals the dark side of the Angolan oil boom, and the incredible risks that some people take for the love of their country. Rafael Marques de Morais did not immediately stand out as a man willing to take on an entire state.

Made available in PDF versions by its publisher, the book can now be Blood Diamonds:corruption and torture in AngolaZIP - KB.

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Our site places cookies on your device to give you the best experience. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Our Privacy Notice has more information on how to do this. The Angolan diamond mining industry has been at the centre of major human right abuses over the years.

He argues for the continuity of systemic violence from the sourcing of the first diamonds in to the present, highlighting the exploitative collusion between a profit-seeking state and private commercial enterprises. Cleveland is the first to reconstruct the history of the Companhia de Diamantes de Angola Diamang , or the Diamond Company of Angola, from its foundation in to Angolan independence in , focusing in great detail on the rich tapestry of worker experience. Even the War for Independence, which erupted in , did not interfere with diamond output.

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Capitol Visitor Center. On Wednesday June 7 th at the U. These individuals have fought, and continue to fight to expose corruption at the highest levels, in turn risking their careers, their freedom, and their very lives.

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Japanese Translation of the Book “Blood Diamonds: Corruption and Torture in Angola” Released

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