Pipeline pigging and inspection technology pdf

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pipeline pigging and inspection technology pdf

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Grimes, Keith, and David G. To gain a financial benefit, a smart operator views inspection as part of an overall strategy to maintain a safe pipeline. This paper shows how periodic internal inspections, followed by defect assessments using fitness-for-purpose criteria and selective repair, is the most cost beneficial way of maintaining the safety of a pipeline. The cost savings on the optimized future safe operating strategies for the pipeline offset the costs of the inspection and expert assessment. Pipelines are recognized as the safest method of delivering energy [ I ].

Data Integration: a powerful approach to pipeline integrity

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Corrosion is a dominant contributing factor to failures and leaks in pipelines. The high cost of corrosion and corrosion control in multiphase oil, gas, and brine pipelines represents a significant operating expense for the field. Corrosion severely affects pipeline operations, leading to lost production, unscheduled downtime for maintenance or repair, and even catastrophic failure that impacts health, environment, and safety. Maintaining the ageing infrastructure such as underground pipelines is always a challenge to facility owners worldwide.

Pipeline Pigging Technology

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