Human population control pros and cons pdf

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human population control pros and cons pdf

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The advantages and disadvantages of administrative data can be identified most easily when they are compared with survey data.

Why We Don’t Need Coercive Population Control

Joseph G. The world population explosion has caused political leaders to look upon national and regional birth control projects as vital. Support for regulation of individual fertility has been evident in all cultures, and at all times, even in those societies in which social and religious rules have favoured the abundant production of children. As the secularization of Western society and scientific enquiry gained momentum during the modern period, knowledge of reproduction increased and was applied to control human population growth. The various methods of contraception and their development through the years from the ancient ideas to the modern era are presented. Each approach to fertility control has its advantages and disadvantages.

Human population planning

The consequences of rapid population growth on human resource development have attracted considerable concern amongst analysts and policy makers. Theories have highlighted the adverse impact on economic growth of diverting resources from productivity-enhancing machines and factories toward education and human capital, hypothesized to have lower rates of return. Expanding the coverage and levels of education would seem to represent a daunting task for many Third World countries. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

This article throws light upon the nine major disadvantages of population growth. Some of the disadvantages are: 1. Pressure of Population on Land 2. Low Per Capita Income 3. Burden of Unproductive Consumers 5.

Brent argues that humanity should immediately begin discussion and debate about the merits of implementing coercive population control policies on a global scale. Human beings have some control over when and how growth will end, and Brent sees only three policy options: 1 do nothing and allow growth to wind down on its own schedule, 2 implement voluntary population control worldwide, and 3 implement coercive population control worldwide. Doing nothing fails to live up to this standard, since unabated growth risks a global catastrophe within a few hundred years. Voluntary population control is better than nothing, but Brent contends it is deeply uncertain whether it would be sufficient for preventing a humanity-ending disaster. Since coercive population policies are more likely to be effective than strictly voluntary ones, Brent concludes, we should at least be having a serious public debate about whether to implement coercive population control.

Why We Don’t Need Coercive Population Control

Human population control often also referred to as human population planning can be defined as the intention to control the growth rate of the human population. Even though in the past centuries, human population planning had been introduced with the goal to increase the world population, in the nowadays context, it is rather meant to limit the number of people on our planet in order to fight the adverse consequences of overpopulation. As of , 7. According to estimates of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, until the year , the world population will exceed 10 billion people.

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Demographic stability constitutes a paramount global environmental objective. Yet, decades of efforts, highlighting the perils of overpopulation, have failed to slow the rapid global population growth. In considering an alternative strategy, insights from the field of positive psychology are explored for their potential to inform future demographic policies. After briefly reviewing sustainable advocacy efforts, different theories behind individual fertility decisions are presented. The paper posits that a positive psychology conceptualization offers a promising way to re-think the design of demographic policies and frame sustainable population interventions. As the world seeks to meet the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, it is increasingly clear that population density and size drive the quality and quantity of life - globally and locally. Attaining demographic stability over the long run constitutes an essential public policy objective.

I have to do a project on Australia where I live , so it would be helpful if you know anything specifically about Australia as well. The obvious advantage of population growth is that it provides genetic diversity, which means there is a greater chance of the species surviving from any particular disease or disaster. If everyone has the same genetic susceptibilities and potentials, then a disease that kills one person can kill everyone, so having a wider set of genes is helpful. Diversity is also an advantage socially and economically. Interactions of different groups in society lead to a better welfare, according to Dr Gary Becker, because of the diversity of the market and the total effort we can put into certain endeavours as a species, such as scientific research. However, population growth puts a strain on finite resources, particularly food, space, healthcare and a clean water supply.

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9 Major Disadvantages of Population Growth


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