Business intelligence strategy and roadmap pdf

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business intelligence strategy and roadmap pdf

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Developing a Business Analytics Roadmap

Odds are you know your business needs business intelligence BI. With the benefits being numerous and the costs of not having good BI growing, it is easy to want to quickly adopt a solution. Unfortunately this approach could be disastrous. Whether you are starting from scratch, moving past spreadsheets, or looking to migrate to a new platform: you need a business intelligence strategy and roadmap in place. Now we are going to take that a step further with the following 11 steps to a better business intelligence strategy. These steps are imperative for businesses, of all sizes, looking to successfully launch and manage their business intelligence.

Business intelligence complete roadmap

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business strategy. Business Intelligence & Analytics Strategic. Roadmap. Data Warehousing. Data Visualization. ETL/Data Integration. Advanced Analytics.

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A solid Business Intelligence strategy now guides both tactical and strategic decision-making at this non-profit organization. With their deep BI experience, Plaster Group consultants influenced the strategy and roadmap discussions with practical guidance, helping the customer adopt industry standards and best practices to their specific situation. Recommendations covered a wide range of functional areas, including:. In assisting with development of the strategy and roadmap, we contributed detailed plans for short-term stabilization and transition activities as well as guidance for long-term growth and expansion.

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23+ SAMPLE Business Roadmap Templates In PDF | MS Word

This book discusses and conceptualizes practices on real-time strategy, focusing on the interplay between strategy and business intelligence. Combining strategic practices and business intelligence systems, the authors demonstrate how managerial practices can be developed in the age of digitization. Also developing the concept of strategic agility, the book provides perspectives from a range of disciplines including strategic practices and decision making, customer relationship management, human resource management, competitive intelligence, supplier network management and business intelligence systems. Presenting managerial frameworks and guidelines, Real-time Strategy and Business Intelligence explores how to improve utilization of business intelligence systems in real-time decision making. Providing practical and future-oriented insights backed by examples and best practices, the authors present a clearly conceptualized theoretical framework.

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7 key steps to deploy a modern business intelligence strategy


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