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nature and scope of public finance pdf

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Public finance refers to the study of income, expenditure, and debt of the government. It is concerned with the financial activities of government and also its impact on the overall economy. Public finance studies how the government raises its income through different activities and spends it on various development activities of the community. It shows how the government manages its incomes and expenditures for the attainment of its objectives that is the overall development of the community.

Conclusions — A Strategy for Public Finance

The economics of public finance is fundamentally concerned with the process of raising and dispersion of funds for the functioning of the government. Thus, the study of public revenue and public expenditure constitutes the main division in the study of public finance. But with these two symmetrical branches of public finance, the problem of organisation of raising and disbursing of resources also arises. It has also to solve the question of what is to be done in case public expenditure exceeds the revenues of the state. In the latter problem, obviously, the process of public borrowings or the mechanism of public debt is to be studied. Since both public debt as well as financial administration gives rise to a number of special problems, these are conventionally treated as a separate branch of the subject. As such, we have four major divisions traditionally set in the study of public finance:.

Public Finance: Subject Matter and Scope of Public Finance

It is a science because we study in it the various principles, problems and policies underlying the spending and raising of funds by the public authorities. It teaches how to collect taxes in the best way and how to maintain them economically and how to spend them properly. As an art, public finance enables the concerned personnel to adopt the principles and policies in solving the financial problems of the Government in the best possible way to the maximum benefit of the society. The way to be adopted should be logical, suitable and proper according to the time. Application of various principles and policies depends much on the ability of the personnel in the Government how best he can extract from it in the public interest. The scope of public finance includes the following four types of activities-. In this part of public finance, we study the various sources from which the Government collects revenues.

Public finance is a study of income and expenditure or receipt and payment of government. But public is collected name for individual within an administrative territory and finance. On the other hand, it refers to income and expenditure. Thus public finance in this manner can be said the science of the income and expenditure of the government. Different economists have defined public finance differently. Some of the definitions are given below. According to prof.

Nature, Scope and subject matter of Public Economics, Role of Government According to Musgrave, the scope of public finance embraces the following three.

Public Finance: Subject Matter and Scope of Public Finance

What does Public Finance mean? Public finance is a study of income and expenditure or receipt and payment of government. Professor Bastable, an English economist defines public finance as a subject that deals with the expenditure and income of the public authorities of the state. Both the aspects income and expenditure relate to the states financial administration and control.

Strategic Public Finance pp Cite as. This concluding chapter attempts to pull together the main strategic issues relating to public finance discussed in the previous chapters. Most people approach public finance from a particular perspective, whether as a service-specific policy-maker or practitioner, discipline-specific student or academic, financial auditor and so on. Being busy with the detail of the aspects of public finance for which they are responsible or with which they are concerned, they often cannot find sufficient time to stand back and think strategically about public finance.

Public Finance: Meaning, Definition, Scope, and Divisions

Nature and Scope of Public Finance

The word public refers to general people and the word finance means resources. So Public Finance means resources of the masses,how they are collected and utilized. Thus, it is the branch of economics that studies the taxing and spending activities of government. It is that branch of general economics which deals with the financial activities of the state or government at national, state and local levels. The discipline of public finance describes and analyses government services,subsidies and welfare payments,and the methods by which the expenditures to these ends are covered through taxation,borrowing,foreign aid and the creation of money.

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Public finance is mainly classified into 4 parts that are public revenue, public expenditure, public debt, and financial administration. The government generates its.

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