Justification sanctification and glorification pdf

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justification sanctification and glorification pdf

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1-- PFHL 232-- Justification, Sanctification, & Glorification

Directions: Think about each line of the poem. Then for each of the three parts of this Bible study, read the key word definitions. The definitions are from the Noah Webster Dictionary. Notice the changes of the tenses of the key words. Then for each of the verses, find and read the contexts.

Understanding the difference between justification and sanctification can be as important as understanding the difference between salvation and damnation. Rightly dividing between the two is of crucial importance. This is not what saves. Justification is the work of God where the righteousness of Jesus is reckoned to the sinner, so the sinner is declared by God as being righteous under the Law Rom. This righteousness is not earned or retained by any effort of the saved. Justification is an instantaneous occurrence with the result being eternal life. No works are necessary whatsoever to obtain justification.

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To ensure you receive the best experience on Lifeway. Church Ordering. Where Abraham looked forward in faith, we have the unbelievable blessing of looking back in faith at the finished work of Jesus Christ! What God promised, He fulfilled! And we can live in the sweet assurance that what Jesus did on the cross was sufficient to make us legally innocent before God.

× Do you want you to know more about theology but struggle to understand some of the complex terms such as justification, sanctification and glorification? Pastor​.

What Are Regeneration, Justification, and Sanctification?

Live the Promise on July 6, Do you wish you knew more about theology, but struggle to understand some of the complex terms such as justification, sanctification, and glorification? Justification is a one-time event occurring when we receive salvation and enter into relationship with God. It is the moment God declares us righteous because of the sinless, perfect life of His Son Jesus.


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