Future perfect simple and future perfect continuous exercises pdf

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future perfect simple and future perfect continuous exercises pdf

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Select a unit. We are sure you will have been paying close attention and will have learnt a lot. In the programme, Finn and Neil discuss the verb form you need to use when you want to focus on the continuous nature of a future activity and how long it will be going on for. It's time to look at the future perfect continuous!

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Anastasiya Sidorina. Hari Susetyo. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. It is not related to the Future Continuous tense. Its use is to express a conclusion regarding the immediate future using available evidence or an action in the near future that has already been planned or prepared.

Here is what she told him Exercise 2Write some sentences down about which of these activities you think people will or won't do in the future? In how many years? Finish off with 2 ideas of your own. Exercise 4Think of and write down 4 questions to ask your partner about what they will actually be doing in the future. Use the given time frames and use future continuous tense within your questions. Some possible questions: "What will you be doing at 7pm tonight?

Example: "Mark said that he will be washing his car at 7pm tonight. The future perfect tense is used for an action that will be finished before a stated future time.

In other words; it is used when you talk about the past in the future. Briefly write down your partner's answers to your questions below. Read how she sees her future. As a group, answer the questions in the box. Exercise 5 [Cut out and laminate] Students select a card and decide whether the statement will or will not happen in the future. Then they read out the sentence completing it in Future Perfect. P a g e 18Answers to future perfect Ex1 By 9 o'clock we will have cooked dinner.

They will have eaten by then. In one week he will have crossed the Atlantic by boat. She will have gone home. Jane will not have finished her work. The sun will not have risen by 4 o'clock. Will you have done the washing up by six o'clock?

Our boss will not have left the office yet. It can also be used to express an assumption regarding a future action. This tense is not used as much as the other tenses. Answer -Positive: Yes, he will Negative:No they will not…. Exercise 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form future perfect continuous.

Can you tell me some things that you will have been doing by this time next week? Do you think that a woman will have been running the country of America as President by the year ?

What is the likely hood that humans will have been communicating with alien life forms in 5 years time? Is it true that we will have been visiting the moon for our holidays for ten years in the year ? Will you have been learning English for longer than me by this time next year? Think of one question that you can ask any student in the classroom using future perfect continuous. Ask them your question and record their answer below.

My question:Their answer:The Future for you! Exercise 3 Student B worksheetAsk your partner the following questions and record their answers below. What will you have been doing 8pm tonight? Do you think that people will have been living in underwater cities by the year ? What do you think the living conditions will have been like for people after world war 3, if it ever happens?

Which animal do you reckon will have been the dominant species after man has left the planet and then comes back to find out? What other lessons will you have been learning by this time next year? Think of one question that you can ask any student in the class room using future perfect continuous. My question:Their answer: P a g e 22Answers Ex 1. That completes the future tenses, and it is also completes the last tenses e-book in this set of three volumes.

I hope that you find the exercises useful. I have tried to keep the tense explanations as simple as possible and the pictures minimal to reduce file size and to save on printing. Also I have kept the pictures black and white so as to maximise the visible image when you photocopy stuff.

As I've just said I have tried to keep the explanations simple because this set is aimed at new teachers and people brushing up on their knowledge -however, just like all things in life; the more you "look into" and "study" a particular subject the more complicated it can get.

This is very true when it comes to learning the English tenses. In other words….. The aim of which is to "kick home" the ideas behind the use of English tenses in a fun way. Students vocally complete each sentence and write down different examples on their time tense log form.

Statement -Positive: He will have been sleeping Negative: You will not have been sitting Negative: Will you not have been climbing? Your help is most appreciated My students - also called "The Guinea pigs" Thank you and happy teaching!

Dillon Frost www. By the end of this year Fred will have been a dentist for two years. He will probably have bought another car. He won't have moved to another house and he won't have got married. Will he have met an interesting girl? Will she have fallen inBriefly write down your partner's answers to your questions below.

Question - Positive: Will she have seen? Negative: Will I not have watched? Answer - Positive: Yes, he will have Negative: No, I will not have Future Perfect Exercise 1 Put the verbs into the correct form future perfect. Signal words for future perfect By Monday, in a week. P a g e 15 Exercise 2 love with him? Exercise 3 Student A Form the questions by using future perfect and ask them to your partner. As a class, answer the questions in the box. What will have happened to Mary: 1.

P a g e 16 Exercise 2 Read the short story about Fred and underline all of the future perfect tenses in it. Will she have fallen in love with him? Exercise 3 Student B Form the questions by using future perfect and ask them to your partner.

I will have been Signal words for future perfect continuous for I will have been studying English for three hours. Tomorrow b. Tomorrow at this time c. Tomorrow this time a. Exercise 3 Student A Ask your partner the following questions and record their answers on the back of this paper. Related Papers. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

Tomorrow's world

Use the verbs in the box in either Future perfect or Present perfect continuous tense. I lived in Miami, Florida. Past perfect continuous exercises. Free tutorial Comparison of tenses. If you have any questions or if you find a mistake, you can leave a comment below. You were still working there on the day it shut down. Present Perfect vs Past Perfect

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The bus.. The Future Perfect Simple and Continuous Exercise will have driven will have been driving A Fill the gaps with the verb in brackets using either the future perfect simple or continuous tenses. Link to this page:. The bus will have left by the time we get prepared to stand up during the concert as they will have taken all the seats by June, we will have been going out together for four you get to , you will have been flying for seven 'm sure that when we go to the meeting, all the important decisions will have been taken time tomorrow I will have finished all my week Friday we will have completed the Mr Macawber will have been teaching maths for 30 years by the end of this next spring. Reported Orders Exercise "Don't turn on the light," she said to him.

Skip to content. This is a speaking exercise for the future perfect and future continuous forms for intermediate and upper-intermediate students. The forms themselves are used in a highly controlled way, making it suitable for a class who have just been introduced to them.

The Future Perfect Simple and Continuous Exercise


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