Probability and computing randomized algorithms and probabilistic analysis pdf

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probability and computing randomized algorithms and probabilistic analysis pdf

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MA-INF 1213: Randomized Algorithms & Probabilistic Analysis

Probabilistic Method : The counting argument, the expectation argument, sample and modify, the second moment method, the conditional expectation inequality, the Lovasz local lemma.

Markov Chains and Random Walks : Basic definitions, stationary distribution, variation distance and mixing time and their relation to graph spectrum, random walks on undirected graphs, the Monte Carlo method, the Metropolis algorithm, coupling.

John Augustine's Website. John's Calendar. News and Thoughts. Academic Honesty. Recommendations and References. Almost every aspect of computer science today is influenced by probability theory in one way or another. This course will introduce the power of probability theory and randomization techniques in computer science at large, with particular emphasis on analyzing algorithms that employ randomization.

We will be posting updates and announcements here. This can also be used to discuss problems and solutions. Thanks to Prof. Pandurangan for covering from Sept 27 - Oct 5.

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Probability and Computing: Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis

Pemmaraju G MLH, sriram-pemmaraju uiowa. Course webpage: homepage. In this course we will study the use of randomization in the design of algorithms. Specifically, we will study: various fundamental principles in the design of randomized algorithms such as the first and second moment method, random sampling and sketching, hashing, probability amplification, etc. If you do not have the latter prerequisite, but still want to take the course, please talk to me.

Randomized Algorithms

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