Science technology and innovation in vietnam pdf

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science technology and innovation in vietnam pdf

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Perspectives on Vietnam’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies

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Science and technology in Vietnam

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Perspectives on Vietnam’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies

Pebble tools similar to ones found around the world dating to this period have been found by archeologists in the Son La and Phu Tho provinces. Dong Son culture is characterized by rice cultivation techniques, domestication of water buffalo and pigs, fishing and sailing via dugout canoe , and most notably expert bronze casting in the form of distinctive Dong Son drum decorated with geometric patterns, scenes of war, animals, and boats. Vietnam's relationship with its northern neighbor China is crucial to understanding the history and current status of science and technology in Vietnam.

Much of the public debate around the impact of automation on workers has been concentrated on advanced economies; less well understood or discussed are the consequences of automation for developing countries. This is particularly true for countries like Vietnam that have staked their future economic growth on sectors vulnerable to technological substitution in the coming years. In , agriculture, industry, and services, respectively employed

Abstract: Science, technology and innovation STI play an important role in solving social problems, contributing to economic growth, creating prosperity and sustainable development of the nation.

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