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d d 5e items and armor pdf

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Magic items are presented in alphabetical order. This suit of armor is reinforced with adamantine, one of the hardest substances in existence.

D&D 5th Edition

I hope to add some Navigation aids that will help moving around the document as I research items. Curse the wizard that created the first robe of the archmage! Now any whelp of a hedge conjurer or witless apprentice that finds one considers himself an archmage. Then these fools seek magic far above their station or grasp at power as if donning a robe made them royalty. What a blasted nuisance. But with the good must also come the bad. Therefore, the purpose of this guide is rate magic items to help players decide what are the stars and what are the dogs.

In regards to point 2, trading items is an AL play concern. With that being said, it is important to note that players can only trade like-rarity items for other like-rarity items. So players can only trade a rare item for a rare item or a uncommon item for an uncommon item etc, etc.

If you are playing in an a home campaign, and your DM allows you to sell magic items, depending on how rare the item is, you might not be able to find someone to sell the item to, which is problematic DMG pg.

You have what is known as a quality problem. As far as point three, this is a serious concern for adventurers. In 5e, characters can only have three magic items attuned at a time DMG pg Therefore, unlike 4e, the number of magic item slots available to characters are very limited and magic items must be carefully considered. Naturally, items that are good and do not require attunement will be given greater consideration.

Otherwise, you can assume all items are in the DMG. This guide will use the following color coding system:.

Luck Blade — Wish on a stick?! This item would be amazing if just for that property. But It also has the luck property, which lets you reroll an attack, saving throw or ability check. Platinum maybe? The paladin is back in town. Oh and he brought some friends who are also stronger thanks to him. Make sure someone has one of these before you leave home.

But this one gives a better ranged option for martial characters. It has the finesse property, deals radiant damage, and has an adjustable light source. Extra attacks are always nice. Having the chance to instantly decapitate your target or deal an extra 6d8 damage is a pretty sweet effect. And It gives melee characters a better ranged option.

But all considered, this definitely can put a hurt on undead. You can also leave that lantern at home. But after reading it more closely, I realized that the sworn enemy feature only recharges once per day, at the next dawn. So the whole premise of the bow is kinda shot. You can only use its feature for one big fight per day. Just not as strong as if the the sworn enemy feature would recharge after you killed each creature.

The extra 2d6 is something though. It does grant fire resistance which is nice. Still not as good as other sword options though. You also save some money on torches. It can be fixed though. As long as you are a melee character and stay in the fray, this item may be usable. With all that being said, there are better weapon choices out there. Seems underwhelming.

Javelin of Lightning — Great for all the strength-based characters who use javelins. Giants tend to excel at those. Then this becomes amazing. And as a dagger it only deals 1d4 of damage. You can do better than that. Also, the poison utility can only be used once per day, making it worse.

But it has a lot of critical flaws. Lastly, Thunderclap stuns every creature, even your allies. And although stunning is sweet, we can all agree that stunning your teammates is not sweet.

Actually, almost every other magic item is better. Instrument of the Bards Anstruth harp, Canaith mandolin, Cli lyre, Doss lute, Fochlucan bandore, Mac-Fuirmidh cittern, Ollamh harp — I usually hesitate to give items a gold rating, but all of these instruments earn it. Right off the bat you get fly, invisibility, levitate, and protection from good and evil. All of which are useful. And to top it all off, the item imposes disadvantage on charmed saving throws.

Start serenading your DMs to convince them to give you these items. Not bad, but it is a consumable like an Ioun Stone. The potentail to stack this with a Wand of the War Mage makes it a very appealing option. It is adamantine, which gets around non-magical resistance, and there are some spells in it too. With the right AC you could be almost unhittable. Just be careful of domination effects, as you may end up breaking it and taking a few points of damage.

It even lets you throw a bit of damage on top of each hit. Extra castings of fireball for free. It makes sense that it would be 15, but it does depend on your DM as it stands.

Spell save aside, one minute of paralysis is very strong. Sign me up. You can even give you and your allies a boost to AC and saving throws once a day.

Enchantments are almost useless against you now, except for multi target ones. Ten charges is a bit limiting though, and the value of the spells will go down as you level up, the exception being your ability to decimate large groups of kobolds.

Crazy hermits pretty much need one. Seems like a good choice. The bonus to avoid being grappled, restrained, or paralyzed is nice but it does cost a charge. Do you just like rolling percentile dice? If not, you can just pass on this. It can be fun to intimidate people with, or have a mount on demand though. But as it stands, Wand of Winter is not awesome. It casts subpar spells: ray of frost, ice storm , and sleet storm.

Honestly, you should be doing better things on your turn. It does give detect magic to the masses, for the parties who refuse to have it prepared. It also does the same thing that as a perception check. The extra language and walking on lava are plus. Attunement holds this item back. Damage immunity is great, but it can only be used once a day, and it requires attunement. Same problems as above.

All considered, its a trap. The resistance to typed damage is nice, but normally, by the time you start finding magic items, you want a better armor option than scale mail i.

Unless of course you are a medium armor user then this is better. I suppose if you really must find that dragon, this item could be useful.

Armor should be giving you more defense for an attunement slot though. Adamantine Armor — This armor is not awful. And it does provide protection against critical hits. The forced movement negation is just gravy. Normally, chain shirt armor is just a stopover before breastplate. But this one is usable for any character even if they lack proficiency with medium armor. Also, most DMs will allow you to wear this in addition to your normal armor, since that seemed to be the precedent set by previous editions.

Then again some may not.

5e Magic Items

I hope to add some Navigation aids that will help moving around the document as I research items. Curse the wizard that created the first robe of the archmage! Now any whelp of a hedge conjurer or witless apprentice that finds one considers himself an archmage. Then these fools seek magic far above their station or grasp at power as if donning a robe made them royalty. What a blasted nuisance.


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