Office 365 security and compliance pdf

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office 365 security and compliance pdf

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Links to existing SharePoint and Exchange compliance features bring together compliance capabilities across Office Currently, many of the compliance features are still accessible through service-specific management interfaces, such as the Exchange admin center EAC. To see the options for licensing your users to benefit from Microsoft compliance features as of April 1, , download the Detailed Microsoft Compliance Licensing Comparison.

Microsoft Security and Compliance Package

Microsoft also works with an ecosystem of security partners to deliver more security options for Office customers requiring an additional layer of protection. Learn the best practices on how enterprises are deploying and using Office and security tips and considerations to ensure your data is safe in Office Download Now. Security of data in the cloud is one of the biggest concerns for IT departments looking to take advantage of cloud computing. The explosion of cloud usage, which has coincided with the rise in mobile device use and BYOD policies has brought with it a plethora of cost savings along with data security risks. When it comes to cloud services such as Office , enterprises want to know the location of their data, whether they are being compliant with regional laws and regulations, and whether the security controls are on par with what they can achieve with their on-premises infrastructure.

Office Notification MC posted on January 30 tells tenants that the Microsoft compliance center and Microsoft security center portals are being rolled out in February with worldwide completion by early March. These portals were originally announced in April and have been significantly upgraded since see this post for a discussion of some shortcomings that existed in the preview versions about a year ago. Tenants with Microsoft subscriptions already have access. Microsoft is dividing the functionality found in the SCC across two portals to better reflect the work done in each. It takes time to untangle everything and move code to the new locations, which is why the Microsoft compliance center has a link to the SCC.

Read Datasheet. Read E-book. Read Technical Brief. Over half of all security breaches are caused by someone already inside your network. Even the best perimeter defenses can do nothing to stop insider threats, so it's essential to also have strong Active Directory security and governance in place.

Securing Office 365

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Microsoft has enjoyed massive growth at a global level providing modern workplace productivity services in the cloud. All of this is managed and supported by a range of security technologies and capabilities including the advanced threat protection capabilities all combined with Azure Sentinel for security operations services. It is not surprising that organisations are challenged with understanding all the features and capabilities offered by Microsoft , and this is even before beginning to look at how to effectively secure these services and achieve compliance requirements. On top of this are the unique challenges posed by cloud services of any kind and the need to reconsider traditional security models and controls. This unique course is delivered over 2 days and will provide you with an understanding of the current threat landscape and how Microsoft security capabilities can be leveraged and configured to enable a cyber resilient and compliant digital organisation and effectively deliver modern security operations. Using practical experience and exposure to a range of many different organisations, the course will bring you up-to-date experience and practice guidance to consider real world examples of how Microsoft is best deployed and secured. From this course you will learn how to best apply Microsoft security capabilities across Microsoft and Azure as well as implementing operational security using Azure Sentinel and managing ongoing compliance and reporting.

Office 365 Security Resources

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Security & Compliance Center

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Office 365 Security Concerns: Download Definitive Guide to Office 365 eBook

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Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance


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