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ethical issues in accounting and finance pdf

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When you run a business it's easy to think of your accounting staff as glorified mechanics, people with specialized skills needed to keep your company's financial machinery running properly. That's true to a point, but accountants also play a role as the watchdogs of the business world. They're responsible for making sure that businesses report their finances clearly and according to recognized standards, and that often puts them in situations that can be ethically or even legally dubious. Running a business puts you under a great deal of pressure, especially when things are not going well, or at least not as well as you need them to go.

5 Ethical Concerns in Financial Reporting and Analysis

Montgomery, describing ethics in accounting in [1]. Accounting ethics is primarily a field of applied ethics and is part of business ethics and human ethics , the study of moral values and judgments as they apply to accountancy. It is an example of professional ethics. Accounting was introduced by Luca Pacioli , and later expanded by government groups, professional organizations, and independent companies. Ethics are taught in accounting courses at higher education institutions as well as by companies training accountants and auditors.

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Accounting Information Systems: The Processes and Controls, 2nd Edition by

Issues in Accounting Education 1 August ; 27 3 : — The purpose of this paper is to offer accounting educators additional perspectives for ethics education by considering teaching approaches from medicine and law. It takes the form of literature review and argument. The paper finds that ethics education in accounting shows deficiencies in terms of code-bound content, less systematic formal training, less informal hands-on training, and less usage of partnering in comparison to ethics education in medicine and law, thereby producing students with higher moral cognitive capabilities. Based on these findings, the authors provide some recommendations for improvement. Sign In or Create an Account.

No one will disagree that ethical behavior is necessary in the accounting profession, as the consequences of unethical behaviour by accountants can be disastrous for the companies concerned, as well as for the accountants themselves. In an article in the Houston Chronicle , author Jonathan Lister describes ethical issues frequently encountered by accountants:. Pressure From Management The burden for public companies to succeed at high levels may place undue stress and pressure on accountants creating balance sheets and financial statements. The ethical issue for these accountants becomes maintaining true reporting of company assets, liabilities and profits without giving in to the pressure placed on them by management or corporate officers. Unethical accountants could easily alter company financial records and maneuver numbers to paint false pictures of company successes.

Subscription price IJAF initiates and fosters discussion on issues that significantly contribute to the disciplines of accounting and finance, with emphasis on the implications of these disciplines in the ongoing globalisation process in the 21st century. The journal's emphasis on the inter-dependencies of accounting and finance reflects the increasing complexity of corporate financial management in recent years, and verifies the importance of understanding accounting and finance from an international context. The objectives of IJAF are to establish a platform for policy makers, practitioners, regulatory agencies, academic and research institutions and persons concerned with the complex role of interdependencies of accounting and finance in contemporary organisations. It aims to promote a greater understanding, from an international perspective, of recent accounting malpractice in corporate financial management. IJAF focuses on the international dimension of accounting and finance research and practices consistent with the need to transcend the cultural and national boundaries in a globalised economy. IJAF publishes high quality original manuscripts, review papers, technical reports, case studies, conference reports, management reports, book reviews, notes, commentaries, and news. Special Issues that addresses important accounting and finance questions in the specific context of a region or topic will be published occasionally in order to promote greater understanding of the internationalisation dimensions of accounting and finance.

In the past ethical issues in accounting has manifested in practices that have The accountant on the other hand uses financial statements to determine his.

Ethical Issues in Accounting and Finance

The ethics of a company or organization come into play for proper reporting and analysis. Lives are at stake each day, no matter what the financial state of the organization. The future of the healthcare industry is unsure and ethics will play an important role in it.

Research aims : This study aims to provide a perspective on the professional ethics of a millennial accountant in applying blockchain technology to improve his professionalism, and discusses the issue of blockchain ethical challenges for an accountant's profession. Research findings : The study results indicated that a millennial accountant in the 4. Blockchain changes the task of millennial accountants who previously produced information into information evaluators.

Ethical issues encountered by accountants

Encouraging high ethical and cultural practices in accounting and finance is an imperative.


  • Hence, today, ethical conduct of accounting and finance has become a topical issue. In this context, this paper focuses on the following aspects: the concept of. Cinderella F. - 22.05.2021 at 02:10