Differences between terminal values and instrumental values pdf

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differences between terminal values and instrumental values pdf

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In order to show the terminal values preference amongst young people, the Rokeach Value Survey was applied. University students with a high level of empathy amongst terminal values prefer most two values in personal character, that is wisdom and pleasure, and one in social character—family security.

Intrinsic vs. Instrumental Value

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Values refer to stable life goals that people have , reflecting on what is most important to them. The values that are important to people tend to affect the types of decisions they make, how they perceive their environment, and their actual behaviors. Moreover, people are more likely to accept job offers when the company possesses the values people care about. Value attainment is one reason why people stay in a company, and when an organization does not help them to attain their values, they are more likely to decide to leave if they are dissatisfied with the job itself. Terminal Values are most desirable to humans and Instrumental values are views of how human desires should be achieved. These refer to desirable end-states of existence, the goals a person would like to achieve during his or her lifetime.

Rokeach’s Instrumental and Terminal Values As Descriptors of Modern Organisation Values

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The Ranking Of Terminal And Instrumental Values By Working sex differences between eastern values as compared to western values in the.

2 Types of Values (Explained)

The distinction between intrinsic and instrumental value is one of the most fundamental and important in moral theory. Fortunately, it is not difficult to grasp. You value many things, such as beauty, sunshine, music, money, truth, and justice. To value something is to have a positive attitude toward it and to prefer its existence or occurrence over its nonexistence or nonoccurence. You can value it as an end, as a means to some end, or both.


Rokeach Value Survey

The purpose of this study is to examine the functional relationships among terminal and instrumental values, environmental consciousness and behavioral intentions for green products in India in light of the value—attitude—behavior framework. This study adopts a hypo-deductive research design. A conceptual model was developed to relate the terminal and instrumental values to environmental consciousness and behavioral intentions, which are substantiated with a comprehensive literature review. The findings of the research indicate that terminal and instrumental values significantly influence environmental consciousness, and environmental consciousness has a significant influence on behavioral intentions.

Thank you so much for your post. It is the clear explanation helped me understand well about such two types of values. Post a Comment. Values are of two types, both in the personal and organizational domains. The two types of values are:. Instrumental Values refer to preferable modes of behaviour and include values like honesty, sincerity, ambition, independence, obedience, imaginativeness, courageousness, competitiveness, and also some negative traits too. Organisations also have Instrumental Values which can be ascertained from the organizational culture and these are permanent in nature and difficult to change.

modernist values dominate. Among self-focused and relations-focused values, the results did not reveal any clear. differences according to.

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Within the last few years, the role of personal values in consumer behavior has begun to receive greater attention. Much of this research has been based upon the Rokeach paradigm and his method of measuring values. Because of an increasing dependence on the Rokeach instrument, this study investigates the extent to which the Value Survey of thirty-six personal values measures what it purports to measure--that is, terminal values relating to desired end states of existence and instrumental values relating to preferable modes of conduct. Factor structures derived from businessmen, parents, students, and the general population clearly indicate the existence of two distinct value categories. Their underlying dimensionality is investigated, and results are presented which confirm the Value Survey may be productively employed to differentiate among consumer groups. The view that values play an important role in consumer behavior has been widely accepted.

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Developed by social psychologist Milton Rokeach , the instrument is designed for rank-order scaling of 36 values, including 18 terminal and 18 instrumental values. The RVS has been studied in the context of personality psychology , behavior , marketing , social structure and cross-cultural studies. Attempts have included that by Feather and Peay in [4] and by Charles Johnston in Rokeach's RVS is based on a volume Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values which presented the philosophical basis for the association of fundamental values with beliefs and attitudes. Terminal Values refer to desirable end-states of existence. These are the goals that a person would like to achieve during his or her lifetime. These values vary among different groups of people in different cultures.


  • Instrumental values are the goals that a person would like to achieve during his or her lifetime, while terminal values are the preferable modes of behavior in achieving theses values. C) Terminal values are the highest values in a person's value system, while instrumental values are the ones that are most often used. Aaron B. - 20.05.2021 at 07:05
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