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taekwondo rules and regulations pdf

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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and Olympic sport that was developed in post World War 2 Korea by various martial artists but is usually attributed to military general and martial artist Choi Hong Hi. Taekwondo is based on the native Korean martial arts of Taekkyeon, Subak and Gwonbeop but also has significant elements of other martial arts such as Japanese Karate and to a lesser extent Chinese Kung Fu. As a martial art, it is known as a style that focuses particularly on kicking, and experienced practitioners can be seen performing various spectacular head height and jumping kicks. In Taekwondo competition, the object is to land kicks and punches upon the scoring zones of your opponent. These are the the torso and the head and both kicks and punches must be accurate and powerful, as light tapping kicks are not counted by scorers or electronic scoring systems in major competitions.

Rule and equipment modification issues in World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) competition

HANA 1. DUL 2. SET 3. SAM 4. NET 4. DASOT 5.

Support Passport. Support Sign out. Arafura Games - Taekwondo. Registration with WTF apply. Process of confirmation of places by May 31, In addition, from the same region a university or combined universities team may compete, as well as a services team eg.

Changes to schedules, procedures, facilities and services, and any other essential information will be communicated to all relevant parties by the organising committee if required. Previous hosts of these Games have set the bar very high and we fully intend to keep up with these standards. Thus, we began the work ahead of us with a clear objective of creating a world-class experience for all sports fans across the region while embodying the spirit of the South East Asia Community. We have chosen the theme Bangkit Bersama or Rising Together, to represent the deep-rooted essence of our camaraderie, togetherness and friendship while fulfilling our quest for glory and showcasing our sporting prowess. At MASOC, we understand the needs associated with this lofty ideal and are working tirelessly to ensure that every detail is attended to and the best is made available.

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Taekwondo, as the most popular martial art among Iranian sportsmen, might lead to injury for the athletes of this sport during competitions. We decided to report the incidence rate of injuries sustained by the athletes of this sport during national competitions. All competitions of Iran national championship taekwondo league in with athletes were observed prospectively to detect the occurrence of injuries. The severity of injuries was classified into four groups mild, moderate, severe, and critical according to the involvement of medical care team in the contest, ability of the athletes to resume and duration of probable absence of injured athletes from future competitions and training sessions. Athlete-Exposure A-E was defined as the number of competitions multiplied by two. On this base, the rate of injury incidence per A-Es, the rate of injuries per time unit and the rate of injury occurred for each athletes were considered as the major outcomes of this study. Of totally 1, A-Es, 93 injuries were recorded during the competitions.

The Taekwon-Do student oath is typically recited at the beginning of a class in Taekwon-Do , either with students repeating after the instructor or in unison, students and the instructor speaking at the same time. The purpose of the student oath is to remind students of their obligations to their art, instructors, fellow students, people outside of their school, and to society at large. Bowing-in is a process that usually includes bowing simultaneously to the International Taekwon-Do Federation flag or the ITF flag and the flag of the country in which the school is located, bowing to the head instructor, and finally, bowing to the instructors who will be conducting the class. Usually, the student oath is preceded by a recitation of a list of tenets of Taekwondo. The tenets of Taekwondo are often given in a list of five: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

Taekwondo student oath

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Therefore the Regulations should be read together with Companies Act, and the Companies Amendment Bill as published. The HR or the company is not always going to educate you about all this. Any revisions require a simple majority vote of the total number of directors present at any meeting of the Board. However, for the protection of its property and interests and those of all employees, the University establishes reasonable norms of conduct which you are asked to observe.


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