Flash and math applets learn by example pdf

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flash and math applets learn by example pdf

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Read Book [PDF] Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example FOR ANY DEVICE

If you can not enable Javascript, you will only be able to access the 'print materials' page in each module. Alternatively, if you have downloaded the packages to your own computer, you can find the important materials in the 'docs', 'pdf' and 'software' folders. These modules explore some of the pedagogical challenges that arise when introducing investigative, non-routine problem solving activities to the classroom. The modules are activity-based; built around a collection of example classroom activities. The intention is that, as part of the Professional Development PD process, teachers will plan inquiry-based lessons to use with their own class and, at a later meeting, report back on their experiences. Each module includes a PD session guide and handouts for teachers, as well as sample classroom materials and suggested lesson plans.

Tutorials for the Calculus Phobe Animated little flash movies about limits, continuity and derivative. Graphics for the Calculus Classroom Animations illustrating basic calculus concepts. Visual Calculus A collection of modules from pre-calculus till sequences and series that uses lots of numerical and graphical illustrations, Flash tutorials, animations, etc. Some of the discussion is on college level. Includes 20 chapters of text, Java applets, and some Flash dialogs all completely free and online. Calculus by Gilbert Strang A free download of a regular calculus book for undergraduates.

It addresses ActionScript control of text,. This book offers. Choose the book you like when you register 4. You can also cancel your membership if you are bored 5. It is unique in its approach of emphasizing the "timeline programming techniques" that have made Flash development accessible over the years. It addresses ActionScript control of text, animation, components, graphics, masking, XML, and 3D methods, and it provides custom classes for parsing and graphing mathematical expressions. The tiered learning approach starts from scratch and builds each example upon what has come before, eventually producing dozens of classic applets.

Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example

Integrating the Use of Technology. Math Sites to use with Students. Professional Development Sites. Mathematics Organizations. Cross-Curriculum Sites for Students.

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PDF Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example Free Books

About Virtual Manipulatives Page 1 of 3 has three sections:. Virtual Manipulatives on the Web Page 2 of 3 : a list of resources. Math Manipulatives Page 3 of 3 : Calculators and PDA resources, including calculator tutorials, activities, software enhancements, and calculator apps for mobile devices. Patricia Deubel of CT4ME developed the figure above to illustrate virtual manipulatives found on the Web, which are useful for mastery of basic skills and conceptual understanding of K mathematics and calculus.

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Be sure to get all your homework done as soon as possible after class as this will lead to better grades. Professor Wei-Chi Yang.

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Doug Ensley Shippensburg University. Barbara Kaskosz University of Rhode Island. ActionScript 3. Flash CS3 authoring environment and ActionScript 3. Most of available samples, books, and articles on ActionScript 3.