Difference between excise duty and custom duty pdf

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difference between excise duty and custom duty pdf

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The purchasing of goods within the EU is not subject to any customs duties as the free movement of goods between individual EU Member States is ensured. Each of these charges has its own specificities related to both its rate and the final calculation for its payment.

Custom duty is a type of indirect tax that is levied on all the goods that are imported to the country as well as some goods exported from the country. The duty levied on the former is referred to as import duty while that on the latter is referred to as the export duty. To simplify it, any tariff that is introduced on goods across national borders is referred to as custom duty. The duty levied depends on the value of the goods, its dimensions and weight along with a lot of other criteria. While value-based duties are called valorem duties, quantity-based duties are called specific duties.

Import Duty

Customs is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting tariffs and for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, personal effects, and hazardous items, into and out of a country. In recent decades, the views on the functions of customs have considerably expanded and now covers three basic issues: taxation , security , and trade facilitation. The traditional function of customs has been the assessment and collection of customs duties , which is a tariff or tax on the importation or, at times, exportation of goods. Commercial goods not yet cleared through customs are held in a customs area , often called a bonded store , until processed. Authorized ports are usually recognized customs areas. A more recent objective of customs has been trade facilitation , which is the streamlining of processing of import and export of goods to reduce trade transaction costs. Its goals are simplification, harmonization and standardization, so that transactions become easier, faster and more economical than before.

Institute of Tax Administration. Ministry of Finance. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. Tanzania Ports Authority. African Tax Administration Forum. Kenya Revenue Authority.

To prescribe effectives rates of duty, following notifications are being issued:. The remaining legislative changes would come into effect only upon the enactment of the Finance Bill, Important changes in respect of Customs and Central Excise duty including cesses are contained in the Annexure to this letter as detailed below. Simultaneously, basic customs duty is being reduced on the items being brought under new cess. This new cess is also being imposed as additional duty of excise on petrol and diesel.

Difference Between Excise Duty and Custom Duty

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to Central Duties of Excise. Provided that the duty of excise which shall be levied and collected on any excisable goods which are produced or manufactured by a hundred per cent. Explanation 1. Explanation 2. Provided that in fixing different tariff values in respect of excisable goods falling under sub-clause i or sub-clause ii , regard shall be had to the sale prices charged by the different classes of producers or manufacturers or, as the case may be, the normal practice of the wholesale trade in such goods. Power of Central Government to charge excise duty on the basis of capacity of production in respect of notified goods. Provided that where a factory producing notified goods is in operation during a part of the year only, the annual production thereof shall be calculated on proportionate basis of the annual capacity of production :.

The government imposes duties as a means of revenue collection for undertaking various social and development works. It is through the taxes and duties that the government is able to run the state. Duty, which is an indirect tax, can be called a tax levy on goods which are imported from another nation and also manufactured in the country. It can also be noted that duty is only levied on produce and not on individuals. The duty that is levied for goods manufactured inside the state can be called as excise duty.

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General Information on Customs and Excise Duties

Service tax is a tax levied by the government on service providers on certain service transactions, but is actually borne by the customers. It is categorized under Indirect Tax and came into existence under the Finance Act, Description: In this case, the service provider pays the tax and recovers it from the customer. Service Tax was earlier levied on a specified list of services, but in th.


Custom Duty?

Excise Duty vs Custom Duty. There are many taxes that a local government collects from people running their businesses or doing service in that country. There taxes are collected to meet the expenses incurred by the government in developing infrastructure and providing basic necessities to its citizens. These taxes are of two types direct and indirect taxes. Two types of indirect taxes are excise duty and custom duty. Excise duty is collected on the goods produced by a manufacturer that are to be sold in that particular country. Custom duty is levied on the goods that are imported from other country and are meant to be sold in the country.

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