Silicon photonics fundamentals and devices pdf

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silicon photonics fundamentals and devices pdf

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Explore a preview version of Silicon Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices right now. The creation of affordable high speed optical communications using standard semiconductor manufacturing technology is a principal aim of silicon photonics research.

Silicon Photonics II pp Cite as. This chapter reviews the fundamental characteristics and basic applications of the silicon photonic wire waveguide. Thanks to its ultra-small geometrical structures and compatibility with the silicon electronics, the silicon photonic wire waveguide provides us with a highly integrated platform for electronic—photonic convergence.

Silicon photonics

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Silicon Photonics (Fundamentals and Devices) || Front Matter

Silicon photonics is the study and application of photonic systems which use silicon as an optical medium. Silicon photonic devices can be made using existing semiconductor fabrication techniques, and because silicon is already used as the substrate for most integrated circuits , it is possible to create hybrid devices in which the optical and electronic components are integrated onto a single microchip. The propagation of light through silicon devices is governed by a range of nonlinear optical phenomena including the Kerr effect , the Raman effect , two-photon absorption and interactions between photons and free charge carriers. Silicon waveguides are also of great academic interest, due to their unique guiding properties, they can be used for communications, interconnects, biosensors, [12] [13] and they offer the possibility to support exotic nonlinear optical phenomena such as soliton propagation. In a typical optical link, data is first transferred from the electrical to the optical domain using an electro-optic modulator or a directly-modulated laser.

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Silicon Photonics Introduction Graham Reed

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Silicon Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices

Table of contents

Silicon photonic devices and integrated circuits have undergone rapid and significant progresses during the last decade, transitioning from research topics in universities to product development in corporations. Silicon photonics is anticipated to be a disruptive optical technology for data communications, with applications such as intra-chip interconnects, short-reach communications in datacenters and supercomputers, and long-haul optical transmissions. Bell Labs, as the research organization of Alcatel-Lucent, a network system vendor, has an optimal position to identify the full potential of silicon photonics both in the applications and in its technical merits. Additionally it has demonstrated novel and improved high-performance optical devices, and implemented multi-function photonic integrated circuits to fulfill various communication applications. In this paper, we review our silicon photonic programs and main achievements during recent years. In addition, we show silicon photonic circuits are well suited for dual-polarization optical coherent transmitters and receivers, geared for advanced modulation formats.

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