Gender identity and place understanding feminist geographies pdf

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gender identity and place understanding feminist geographies pdf

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Feminist geography is a sub-discipline of human geography that applies the theories, methods, and critiques of feminism to the study of the human environment, society, and geographical space. The discipline has been subject to several controversies. The geography of women examines the effects geography has on gender inequality and is theoretically influenced by welfare geography and liberal feminism.

Gender, Identity and Place: Understanding Feminist Geographies

Coming soon. How is gender linked to geography? Do men and women live different lives in different parts of the world? And if gendered attributes are socially constructed, then how do femininity and masculinity vary over time and space? These are some of the questions Linda McDowell explores in this accessible, wide-ranging, and thorough introduction to feminist perspectives on geography. A coherent and thoughtful exploration of the themes, approaches, and dilemmas of feminist geographic research.

The application of feminist theory and methodologies to understanding human geography. The intent of feminism is to investigate, reveal, challenge, and change gendered divisions in society. These divisions often manifest themselves as spatial divisions with men and women having different patterns of spatial activity, behaviour, and experiences of place. Feminist geography has thus sought to understand the relationship between gender divisions and spatial divisions, and to challenge their supposed naturalness and legitimacy. This includes examining gender roles and divisions in the discipline itself with respect to the foci of study, the history, and practice of geography, and the balance of men and women working as professional geographers and career structures see women in geography , and challenging how geographical research is conceptualized and practised. A principal argument was that gender roles and the uneven and unequal positions and power of women and men in society had up to then been largely ignored by geographers. Early work demonstrated that gender relations were the outcome of and reflected in the spatial structure of society.

Hypatia Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, It is a careful and detailed response to one who, like the professor interviewing McDowell years ago, might ask, "So what is all this stuff about women and geography? These currents have contributed to nothing less than the reinvigoration of [End Page ] geography as a social science. What also makes this into an important area in feminist studies is the central contention held by feminist geographers that "both people and places are gendered and so social and spatial relationships are mutually constituted" McDowell opens with a helpful overview of some of the important work in feminist theory. This sets the theoretical scene for the subsequent waves of analysis of the gendered spaces in which we all live.


This paper outlines the progress of feminist geography in the UK over the past 25 years, drawing on just some of the rich texts that have been produced. It charts the development of the sub-discipline through the key theoretical shifts. Within this discussion it pays particular attention to recent developments in feminist geography in the UK. It examines the ways in which geographers have adopted the concept of gender identity enabling them to explore more effectively the differing experiences between and within genders. The paper also shows how work on sexuality and the body has had a growing influence on the study of gender and on the construction and experience of identity.

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Gender, Identity, and Place

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Feminist geography

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Feminist geography

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