Adult learning and online teaching principles pdf

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adult learning and online teaching principles pdf

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Malcolm Knowles , a pioneer in adult education, popularized the concept of five teaching strategies for adults, which states that students learn best when:. Adult students are special because they step foot into a classroom with the desire to learn.

Grant, M. Best practices in undergraduate adult centered online learning: mechanisms for course design and delivery. Journal of online Learning and Teaching , 3 4 , Gruenbaum, E.

An Online Adult-Learner Focused Program: An Assessment of Effectiveness

Curtis L. Todd Atlanta Metropolitan State College ctodd atlm. The landscape of higher education has significantly changed. Methods of instructional delivery, student profiles and degree offerings have transformed traditional brick and mortar institutions. Distance educational courses and programs, either fully online or hybrid, have been a major contributing factor in this shift. While a high percentage of students take classes online, adult learners particularly benefit from the flexibility and accessibility offered by online education. Yet, adult learners are more likely to be intimidated because of their lack of familiarity with this new learning paradigm.

The Adult Education program focus prepares individuals to work with the unique problems and learning styles of adult learners. With a focus on community, continuing and higher education, this fully online program offers a curriculum in a mentoring environment to allow students to excel in many areas, including education, business, healthcare, agriculture education, military, and nonprofit careers. Taking two courses per term, students can easily complete the program within two years. Students may be admitted to the program from a variety of academic backgrounds. You can visit the Business Office website for information on the cost of attendance. All prospective students should access the Graduate Admissions page on the TAMUK website for the processes and procedures related to admissions. If you have questions, please call or email Dr.


The expanding field of adult learning encompasses the study and practice of utilizing sound instructional design principals, technology, and learning theory as a means to solve educational challenges and human performance issues relating to adults, often occurring online. Online Education and Adult Learning: New Frontiers for Teaching Practices disseminates current issues and trends emerging in the field of adult e-learning and online instruction for the design of better products and services. This advanced publication provides theoretical understanding of the essential links between authentic learning, social psychology, instructional design, e-learning, online education, and various additional methods of adult learning. The editor, Terry Kidd, has accomplished the objective and mission of this book by bringing together different perspectives as they relate to adult learning and eLearning. This new book truly provides new frontiers for teaching practices. What we know about online learners may not always be addressed fruitfully through our teaching, which is why it is important to read studies like those presented in this anthology, in which authors share their successes and failures, as well as contemporary research on the subject.

Principles of Student Assessment in Adult Education

An article in a British journal examined at length an ongoing and heated debate in their higher education community about the worth and ethical nature of outcomes-based education and the assessment program that comes with it Ecclestone, The article swung back and forth between the individuals who believed that the creation of outcomes provided the noose with which to strangle the liberal tradition of education in British colleges and those who believed that an increased level of accountability was necessary from the higher education community. This British argument is now ten years old, but it continues to this day in the U. Many a faculty member in this country would agree with those British academics who argue against setting outcomes for courses or programs because of the possibility of their intellectual freedom in the classroom being restricted due to the requirement to assess student learning.

Study-Unit Description. Higher, further and adult education institutions, vocational colleges and the human resource departments of various medium-sized and large local corporations have to cater for an ever-growing demand for full and hybrid online courses. They therefore require educators and trainers who are knowledgeable and skillful in both adult and online education theories and practices. This Unit is intended to introduce participants to the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for facilitating a successful online Unit. It is designed for anyone currently teaching or planning to teach an online or hybrid course for adults.

Adult Learning Principles and Presentation Pearls

To effectively transmit information within an organization, either through a dedicated training program or a more general organizational learning effort, adult learning principles should be utilized. Adults learn differently than children, and organizations that successfully implement these principles will reap the benefits of a well-informed workforce.


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