Types of soils and their characteristics pdf

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types of soils and their characteristics pdf

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Soil Types

Soil can be categorised into sand, clay, silt, peat, chalk and loam types of soil based on the dominating size of the particles within a soil. Sandy Soil is light, warm, dry and tend to be acidic and low in nutrients. Sandy soils are often known as light soils due to their high proportion of sand and little clay clay weighs more than sand. These soils have quick water drainage and are easy to work with. They are quicker to warm up in spring than clay soils but tend to dry out in summer and suffer from low nutrients that are washed away by rain.

Soil is a mixture of organic matter , minerals , gases , liquids , and organisms that together support life. Earth 's body of soil, called the pedosphere , has four important functions :. Soil is also commonly referred to as earth or dirt ; some scientific definitions distinguish dirt from soil by restricting the former term specifically to displaced soil. The pedosphere interfaces with the lithosphere , the hydrosphere , the atmosphere , and the biosphere. Soil consists of a solid phase of minerals and organic matter the soil matrix , as well as a porous phase that holds gases the soil atmosphere and water the soil solution. Soil is a product of several factors: the influence of climate , relief elevation, orientation, and slope of terrain , organisms, and the soil's parent materials original minerals interacting over time. Given its complexity and strong internal connectedness , soil ecologists regard soil as an ecosystem.

And soil is the bedrock of geography. The soil in an area is an indicator of the climate of that region, not to mention the history and formation of that region. It is a factor that influences the vegetation, wildlife, and human culture in that region. You can download this in PDF for revision later. It is the mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, water and air and other organisms.

Types of Soil Found in India – Static GK Notes PDF 6

In the United States Department of Agriculture , textural classification triangle , the only soil that is not predominantly sand, silt, or clay is called "loam". Loam soils generally contain more nutrients, moisture, and humus than sandy soils, have better drainage and infiltration of water and air than silt and clay-rich soils, and are easier to till than clay soils. The different types of loam soils each have slightly different characteristics, with some draining liquids more efficiently than others. The soil's texture, especially its ability to retain nutrients and water , are crucial. Bricks made of loam, mud, sand, and water, with an added binding material such as rice husks or straw, have been used in construction since ancient times. Loam soils can be classified into more specific subtypes. Some examples are sandy loam, silt loam, clay loam, and silty clay loam.

Soil classification

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