Pounds and inches by dr simeons pdf

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pounds and inches by dr simeons pdf

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The HCG diet has gained popularity in the last decade, and has been featured on many daytime talk shows. W Simeons sometimes written as Dr. Simeon , a highly respected endocrinologist in his time, studied many tropical diseases and noticed that many malnourished women were still giving birth to babies of healthy weight.

POCKET GUIDE TO Dr. Simeons HCG PROTOCOL - Foods for Each Phase of the HCG Diet

The world-at-large began to learn about Dr. This talented endocrinologist, A. Simeons, M. He traveled to India in , where he first began studying a puzzling disorder in young teen boys that was attributed to the pituitary gland, causing extreme obesity. It was during this scientific investigation, he discovered hCG — or human chorionic gonadotropin, and began to administer it in low dosages to these boys, while restricting them to a very low calorie diet. Needless to say, the results were more than effective, and Dr. Following his 20 years in India, Dr.

The Original Dr. W Simeons sometimes written as Dr. Simeons to aid clinically obese patients in quickly returning to a safer weight zone to avoid deadly health conditions. The hCG diet is meant to promote a healthier lifestyle through careful consideration and use of less fatty foods and products. The goal is to help patients get back into safer weight zones so that they.

One of the most challenging and confusing parts for us was finding the right information out there to follow. Then and only then do we recommend purchasing HCG. This combination safely allows the body to burn fat at a high rate, reduces hunger, improves the energy signal stemming from the thyroid, all the while preserving both muscle and organ tissue. In this book he discusses his research, observations, and his hypothesis for how his hCG protocol works. Simeons died in These theories do not relevantly answer the most important questions that explain how hCG works to prevent symptoms of starvation. That depends on your body, however most individuals start seeing results the first day they start on the very low calorie VLCD phase of the HCG diet protocol P2.

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The hCG diet combines diet drops with a low-calorie eating plan for fast weight reduction. This unique program allows dieters to safely maximise their weight loss without experiencing the hunger pangs and cravings that are typical of normal dieting, to ensure maximum results. The program has been in existence for over 60 years and includes decades of thorough research. It was created by Dr A. Simeons, a doctor with clinics throughout Europe who perfected the hCG diet program after decades of research and thousands of patients. For those who want to lose considerable amounts of weight, the day program is recommended.

HCG Diet Basics

Hello to everyone who is interested in how I have been able to lose about 50 pounds and keep it off on a plan that I started about one year ago. Please read the updates that I've made in the past year and the important resource material following. These three are the most important and are repeated below.

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