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what is cp and cpk pdf

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In this paper the condition for the application of process capability indices is analyzed. On the basis of process capability indices, dynamic process capability indices as a new kind of indices to show the current process capability are discussed and the condition for the application of dynamic process capability indices is exhibited. Comparison between process capability index and dynamic process capability index and comparison between D p and D pk are made and the conclusions provide the approach for process control.

Cpk vs Ppk? What Is The Difference and Why It Is Important

Histogram Cp Cpk Cheat Sheet. Knowledge Base Online User Guide. Cp is the capability index. It doesn't care if the process is centered within the limits only if it would fit if it was centered. Cpk is the centering capability index. It measures how well the data is centered between the spec limits. Pp is the performance index.

Cpk vs Ppk - Cp vs Pp

This article is not how to calculate Cpk or Ppk, as there are several resources in print or on the internet to figure that out. Instead this article is intended to explain the difference between the two and why the different calculations are important. In the short sense, Cpk and Ppk are about process capability and process performance, respectively. Process capability, Cpk, is important because it indicates whether a process potentially can meet a specification. Essentially, it is a prediction of the ability of a process to meet a specification. Process performance, Ppk, is important because it indicates how the actual process performed over a period of time. Essentially, it is an evaluation of how well a process performed.

Dynamic Process Capability Indices

Specification Specifications define product requirements. In other words, they define what is expected from an item for it to be usable. The upper specification limit USL is the upper limit of the specified range.

Cp, Pp, Cpk, and Ppk are capability and performance indicators for your process. Is a process capable? Is the process acceptable?

Dynamic Process Capability Indices

This section is a brief overview of process capability and how process capability measurements can be incorporated into Genesys designs. The outputs of any process will vary and it is not uncommon that the performance of a circuit of system falls outside their specification limits. When a device falls outside its requirements in a manufacturing environment additional costs are accrued to either scrap or rework the product both of which increase manufacturing costs and reduce the ROI Return On Investment.

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Process Capability & Performance (Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk)

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