Ministry of culture and tourism in ethiopia pdf

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ministry of culture and tourism in ethiopia pdf

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The Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism is the ministry of the Government of Ethiopia responsible for researching, preserving, developing, and promoting the culture and tourist attractions of Ethiopia and its peoples , both inside the country and internationally. In doing so the Ministry closely works together with different national and international stakeholders. Vision of the ministry is make Ethiopia one of the top five tourist destinations of Africa in through the development of its cultural wealth and natural attraction. The Ministry publicizes the country's resources of tourist attractions and encourages the development of tourist facilities. It also licenses and supervises establishments of tourist facilities such as hotels and tour operators, and sets the standards for them.

Culture and Tourism annual report

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The annual report of the ministry of Culture and Tourism contains the minister's accountability statement, the audited consolidated financial statements of the ministry and a comparison of actual performance results to desired results as set out in the ministry business plan, which was published as part of the previous year's budget. The report also includes financial statements for the entities making up the ministry and for which the minister is responsible. Government of Alberta Ministry annual reports. Culture and Tourism. Alberta--Cultural policy--Periodicals. Alberta Culture and Tourism--Periodicals.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Ethiopia)

This chapter presents the marketing aspect of cultural tourism resources by taking evidence from Sidama, Southern Ethiopia. It identifies the major cultural tourism resources of Sidama, and assesses their market readiness state through the lenses of tourists. It also presents the profile of cultural tourists visiting endowments in Sidama using descriptive research approach. Brief introduction of marketing approaches to cultural tourism and a review of literature on cultural tourism products and cultural tourists is also provided. As to its significance, the chapter offers analysis of cultural tourism assets and their marketability as a tourism product in a developing destination context. Practical implications for sound cultural tourism marketing are also discussed in the chapter.

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Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Ethiopia)

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Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Ethiopia)


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