Amp research plug and play install 2017 ford f 150 pdf

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amp research plug and play install 2017 ford f 150 pdf

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Home Powerstroke Diesel 6.

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76151-01A AMP Research PowerStep™ Plug-N-Play System

By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Forgot Password? Mark Forums Read. Used Cars. Vendor Directory. Factory Power Steps vs Aftermarket. Thread Tools. Was reading through Amp Research's Website and notice the connects for the power steps are all located behind the passenger side kick panel.

Does anyone know if the factory ones are built into a plug or are they spliced possible soldered just like I would have to install the aftermarket.

Wonder if it would be better to get them from Ford or just get them directly from Amp Research. View Public Profile. Find all posts by brlcla. View iTrader Profile. Hmmm, Good question. I'll have to take a look and see where they hook up. I'm not sure about the AMP steps, but the Ford ones on my Platinum are controllable via the same buttons as the mpg meter, dte, etc.

What I mean by that is you can lower them from inside the cab, turn them off, or place them down for cleaning all from the dash. Find all posts by DeereGeff. Was unaware of the manual control the Platinum had. Wonder if they can flash the computer with the platinum controls and install the factory boards.

If not I would be happy with just a plug to make the install cleaner instead of posi-taps. Just looking for ways to make the install easier.

Hoping if I end up having to do the posi-taps it wont void any part of the warranty. Neat idea to look into though. Find all posts by yetti I will probably just get the aftermarket since they are the same less the manual controls in the cluster. Don't the AMP aftermarket ones come with some kind of switch anyways so that you can control them? Find all posts by SteveVFX4. I have AMP steps on my F You can close the door with your foot on the step and it will stay down for cleaning.

Also, if it hits something while folding down they stop and stay there until you close the door. No need for a interior switch. Visit kona's homepage! Find all posts by kona Never thought about using the safety feature to keep them down for cleaning. Nice thought. I plan on getting the Amp, but I was checking if Ford had there wires built into a seperate plug that would make the install electrically cleaner instead of using the posi-taps.

Like I said I found out last night that at least on the 09s all the control wire tie-in points are behind the passenger kick panel. You dont have to run two wires down each side of the cab under the carpet like you had to on the 08s.

Received 1 Like on 1 Post. Originally Posted by brlcla. Find all posts by newmandl. It has three clips, 1 side in metal, 2 top one in metal and one in plastic, the top one in metal is a lil tough i pulled the metal clip off the plastic tab on the panel but simple just to stick it back on. That is of coarse the front panel the side it a door that just opens.

FYI All the clips are just metal quick clips attated to plastic tabs on the kick panel. But back to what is undernearth. The plug with the door wires is the small one on top of the computer toward the front of the truck.

Located all the colored wires mentioned and the cab penetration that Amp supplies the grommet for. I felt comfortable with the instructions and the installation so I place my order for the steps today. Should be here sometime next week for next weekends project.

Last edited by brlcla; at PM. I know a number of people have added Power Steps. Any new information regarding the potential to add the ability to use factory wiring? What about controling them through the onboard computer?

Find all posts by SkiDood. New factory power steps on '05 F? Anyone know if the power steps from the '16 King Ranch F will fit on an '06 F? I have an opportunity to buy a set pretty cheap but I'm wondering if they will even fit King Ranch steps are 85" long I'm sure the plugs can be spliced easily Would I need to get any other pieces for them to work?

Relays or anything? Find all posts by gulleyman. Amp makes the steps for Ford Find all posts by aussiekeeper. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Advanced Search. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. The following errors occurred with your submission. Quote message in reply?

AMP Research Powersteps - 2014 FX4

The Raptor Series Steps will accentuate any truck on the market today. Available in 4, 5, and 6 inch sizes as well as in both black powder coat or stainless providing you a wide range of options to choose from. The Raptor Series also carries a 10 year Limited Warranty against any manufacturer defects. Aries 4" oval side bars offer a finished look unlike any other nerf bars or side bars available. These truck steps are available in two finish options. The Podium Steps feature an all-new expanded and enclosed sure grip step plate for ease of use. The Predator Pro Steps feature an all-aluminum construction and a larger step area with a dimpled step pad for secure footing in any weather condition.

At the heart of this system is a pair of heavy duty radius arms built to withstand whatever abuse you can throw at them. They use a high clearance design for extra ground clearance and are formed inward to allow for additional clearance of oversized tires. The arms bolt into the factory mounting points and reposition the front axle to correct caster angle. The additional 4" of lift comes from a pair of full length ProRide coil springs. These springs are available for diesel or gas engine specific spring rates for optimal performance and a true 4" of lift. To improve steering angles a forged drop pitman arm is supplied with an integrated drag link flip. Also included for the front suspension are a pair of sway bar relocation brackets, bump stop extensions, brake line relocation brackets and a NX2 series steering stabilizer with mounting bracket.

The Linkswell GEN2 T-Style multimedia center replaces the factory display screen and climate control center in select Ford F-Series pickups, enhancing the dash with a The climate controls are recreated on-screen, allowing the driver to access all related features. Google Maps is pre-installed, and your choice of Android navigation apps such as Waze can be installed to give you live updates while driving internet connection required — via dedicated or phone hotspot. By connecting the Linkswell GEN2 T-Style to a mobile or smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot, users can access the Internet through a browser that displays full web pages with multiple tabs and search capability. For safety, the Linkswell GEN2 T-Style has three dedicated camera inputs for optional front, rear and passenger-side camera views.

Ford F / F / F Regular Cab *. (48”). OBD II install: Use Supplied Posi Twist connectors to attach the Plug and Play Module to the. Harness.

AMP Research PowerStep 77254-01A Installation Manual

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AMP Research PowerStep 77254-01A Installation Manual

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00 ford f150 wiring diagram

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