Automobile parts and functions pdf

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automobile parts and functions pdf

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List the major parts and sub parts of an automobile and describe the function of each one of them briefly? Since the exhaust gases are at higher pressure than atmospheric pressure, the exhaust system has to reduce the pressure of exhaust gases so that there is no noise on discharge to atmosphere. Cooling system circulates coolant Combination of water and a chemical through the engine components which absorbs the heat and transfers the heat to the atmospheric air through a heat exchanger. If the engine is going to operate, the fuel and air mixture must be fed into the combustion chamber. The burnt gases also must be exhausted.

What Raw Materials do Auto Manufacturers Use?

Lightweight design is one of the current key drivers to reduce the energy consumption of vehicles. Design methodologies for lightweight components, strategies utilizing materials with favorable specific properties and hybrid materials are used to increase the performance of parts for automotive applications. In this paper, various forming processes to produce light parts are described. Material lightweight design is discussed, covering the manufacturing processes to produce hybrid components like fiber—metal, polymer—metal and metal—metal composites, which can be used in subsequent deep drawing or combined forming processes. Approaches to increasing the specific strength and stiffness with thermomechanical forming processes as well as the in situ control of the microstructure of such components are presented. Structure lightweight design discusses possibilities to plastically form high-strength or high-performance materials like magnesium or titanium in sheet, profile and tube forming operations.

Basic Car Parts You Should Know and What They Look Like

Click Here to Call us: Automobile manufacturers manufacture certain parts such as engines and car bodies themselves, while the remainder are manufactured by first-, second-, and third-tier parts manufacturers. Engines are often referred to by the number of cylinders they have, and each cylinder contains its own combustion chamber. Some cars contain both types of brakes one type for the front wheels, another for the rear wheels to take advantage of the best each type of braking system has to offer. Chassis is a French term and was initially used to.

This is a list of automotive parts , mostly for vehicles using internal combustion engines which are manufactured components of automobiles :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Anti-intrusion bar Outer door handle Inner door handle Window motor Door control module Door seal Door water-shield Hinge Door latch Door lock and power door locks Central-locking Fuel tank or fuel filler door. Backup camera Dashcam. Ammeter Clinometer Dynamometer Fuel gauge Manometer Hydrometer Odometer also called milometer or mileometers Speedometer Tachometer also called rev counters Temperature gauge Tire pressure gauge Vacuum gauge Voltmeter Water temperature meter Oil pressure gauge. Main article: Automotive lighting.

Posted by: Juliet Onyeachonam. Although almost everyone drives or is driven in a car on daily basis, most people do not know the basic car parts names and their functions. For an average person, a car is just a piece of metal on four wheels for getting around. In actuality, a car is more than just metal and wheels. A car is made up of several component parts that work together to deliver power and eventual mobility to the car.

List of auto parts

You should take your vehicle to a service center if something seems to be off, but it helps tremendously if you know something about car maintenance yourself. It helps if you look at a car parts diagram, so you know where the most important parts in your vehicle are located. Learn about car parts so you can have more in-depth discussions with your service technician about how to adequately maintain your vehicle. The battery is a critical component.

automobile parts and functions pdf

In this post, we will discuss the engine parts. The engine has two types one is the internal combustion engine and another one is the external combustion engine.

Lightweight in Automotive Components by Forming Technology

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(b) fixing the automobile body. (c) transmission system, front and rear axle. (d) carrying the bolt. 2. What are the functions of the chassis frame?

automobile parts and functions pdf