Extraction of oil and jellose from tamarind seeds pdf

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extraction of oil and jellose from tamarind seeds pdf

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Polysaccharides obtained by extraction from the kernel of seeds of the tamarind tree, Tamarindus indica Linn. Such tamarind polysaccharides form mucilaginous dispersions with water and possess the characteristic property of forming gels with sugar concentrates, as do fruit pectins. However, the tamarind polysaccharides differ from other fruit pectins in that tamarind polysaccharides are capable of forming gels over a wide pH range, including neutral and basic pH conditions. Another advantage which tamarind polysaccharides possess over the fruit pectins is that they are not affected by boiling in neutral aqueous solutions even for as long as two hours. Fruit pectins on the other hand, undergo degradation on boiling; their gelling power falls to onethird of the original value after boiling for an hour.

Nextraction of oil and jellose from tamarind seeds pdf

This work was carried out in collaboration among all authors. Author TAdesigned the study, performed the statistical analysis and wrote the protocol. Author SK conducted the experiment and wrote the first draft of the manuscript. AuthorPK managed the analyses of cell studies. Authors TA and SK managed the clinical study.

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Submit Manuscript. Jellose is a natural polysaccharide that is extracted from tamarind seed kernel. This natural polymer has many good properties to be a useful excipient for pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products. It can used as a thickening agent, suspending agent, viscosity enhancer, emulsifying agent and more. Recently, it was reported that jellose can inhibit tyrosinase enzyme and has antioxidant activity which makes this ingredient interesting to be utilized for skin lightening in cosmeceutical products. The aim of this study was to formulate a facial serum product containing jellose as one of active ingredients, evaluate the physicochemical properties and stability, and also obtain a clinical result of product with the help of volunteers. Two types of jellose serums were developed: oil in water formula; and oil-free formula.

Author s : Kailas K. Mali , Shashikant C. Dhawale , Remeth J. Email s : malikailas gmail. DOI: Address: Kailas K.

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materials. Antioxidative activity of tamarind seeds was investigated. An ethanol extract prepared from the seed coat contained antioxidative.

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Tamarindus is a monotypic genus and belongs to the subfamily Caesalpinioideae of the family Leguminosae Fabaceae , Tamarindus indica L. It is used traditionally in abdominal pain, diarrhea and dysentery, helminthes infections, wound healing, malaria and fever, constipation, inflammation, cell cytotoxicity, gonorrhea, and eye diseases. It has numerous chemical values and is rich in phytochemicals, and hence the plant is reported to possess antidiabetic activity, antimicrobial activity, antivenomic activity, antioxidant activity, antimalarial activity, hepatoprotective activity, antiasthmatic activity, laxative activity, and anti-hyperlipidemic activity.

Tamarindus indica L.: a review of traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology

For determine purity of extracted readily to the ocular surface for prolonged periods and tamarind polysaccharide tests for alkaloids, proteins. The oil percentage of the lb sample lied within range of.

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Tamarind (Tamarind indica L.) belongs to the Leguminosae family [1]. The oil extracted from its seeds is rich in eicosanoic fatty acids such as.