Corporate social responsibility and financial performance pdf

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corporate social responsibility and financial performance pdf

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The impact of corporate social responsibility on financial performance

From its very beginnings, BRQ provides widespread coverage of high quality research in a broad range of topics such as human resource management, organization theory, strategic management, corporate governance, managerial economics, marketing, finance, accounting and operations management. It is therefore a multidisciplinary journal inspired by diversity and open to methodological plurality. Our main concern is that articles have strong theoretical foundations, meet the highest analytical standards, and provide new insights that contribute to the better understanding of managerial phenomena. The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years. The objective of this theoretical—empirical study is to investigate the bidirectional relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in Spanish listed companies. A complete theoretical framework — based on agency, stewardship, dependency resources, and stakeholder theories — provides the basis for the conceptual model.

The relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance is reexamined using a new methodology, improved technique, and industry-specific control groups. Average age of corporate assets is found to be highly correlated with social responsibility ranking. After controlling for this factor, there still is some correlation between corporate social responsibility and financial performance. Learn About the New eReader. Downloaded 77 times in the past 12 months. Published online 30 November Published in print 1 March

The paper aims to investigate empirically the impact of corporate social responsibility CSR on financial performance in South African listed firms. The paper uses panel corrected standard errors to estimate the effect of CSR on firm financial performance and thus addresses contemporaneous cross-correlations across the panel cross sections. The study uses a broad base measure of CSR created by the Public Investment Corporation data set and the combination of accounting and economic means of measuring firm financial performance. CSR is found to have a strong positive impact on firm financial performance in South Africa. The positive impact of CSR on firm performance is greater in big firms. At the industry level, CSR is noticed to impact positively on financial performance in the extractive industry via good governance and responsible environmental behaviors.

International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues

The company must be able to maintain a balance relationships with parties outside the company to do a corporate social responsibility CSR. CSR is a phenomenon and strategies that companies use to accommodate the needs and interests of its stakeholders. Implementation of CSR by companies can be realized with CSR disclosure disseminated to the public in the annual report annual report and the company can be measured through financial performance. The population used in this study was the company mining and basic industry chemicals listed in Indonesia stock exchange during the period , while the sample used in this study using purposive sampling technique. Samples taken as many as 24 companies. This study used a quantitative approach and the method of multiple linear regression analysis of the data, with the first through the classical assumption.

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Financial Performance of Banks in Pakistan

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Konteos and E. This study investigates whether corporate social responsibility CSR affects the financial performance of the United States US companies.


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