Constructions of childhood in ancient greece and italy pdf

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constructions of childhood in ancient greece and italy pdf

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This volume represents the state of the art in Greco-Roman childhood studies and offers valuable resources to scholars of the ancient family, household, and lifecycle. Though the contributions cover a time-span ranging from the Minoan period through late antiquity, they are united by several shared methodological and theoretical presuppositions. In contrast to an earlier generation of childhood scholars, 2 the contributors agree that the perception of childhood as a unique stage of human social development is not a recent cultural invention. The degree of integration of children into adult society also varies by culture, and several papers accordingly assert that literary and visual representations of children must be understood as part of coherent, localized cultural patterns rather than a premodern norm. Several papers discuss the barriers to the goal of reconstructing the lives of ancient children.

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Rutter, eds. Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy. Hesperia Supplement ISBN

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Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy

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