Katharina reiss text types translation types and translation assessment pdf

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katharina reiss text types translation types and translation assessment pdf

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5.0 Introduction

Katharina Reiss 17 April — 16 April was a German linguist and translation scholar. Her works are important in the field of translation studies. She is widely seen as a co-founder of the Skopos theory. Katharina Reiss was born in Rheinhausen , a small town on the left bank of the Rhine , and across the river from Duisburg into which, for administrative purposes, it has subsequently been subsumed. She passed her school finals exam "Abitur" - loosely translated in English language sources as "diploma" in and went on to study between and at the Institute of Simultaneous Translation "Dolmetscher-Institut" of Heidelberg University , where she received her first degree as a "professional translator".

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This book is a time machine taking me back to the early seventies of the past century. Recently graduated as a translator at the Institute for Translation and Interpreting of Heidelberg University, I had just started my career as a translation teacher at the same institution. I remembered the Spanish language and translation classes with Katharina Reiss, particularly one seminar on translation criticism where I was first confronted with a scholarly approach to translation. Up to then, learning to translate had been little more than trial and error in practical classes. The bibliography of the time-machine book reads like an account of the state of the art in

Katharina Reiss

Functional theories from Germany in the ss mark a move away from static linguistic typologies. Reiss stresses equivalence at text level, linking language functions to text types and translation strategy. Holz-Manttari's theory of translational action: a communicative process involving a series of players. Vermeer's skopos theory of translation strategy depending on purpose of TT is expanded in Reiss and Vermeer. Nord's translation-oriented text analysis: a functional approach with more attention to ST.

The translation assessment was based on intralinguistic and extralinguistic criteria of translation proposed by Reiss [6], propounding the categorization of text types and the link between these varieties and translation methods. From her, the primary factor that affects the selection of translation methods is text type. She also lists some specific methods for translators to deal with different text types. English translationof the classic German college text. For use in training translators, interpretors, and evaluators of translations.

Text Linguistics and Skopos Theory and their Application in Translation Teaching

Unfortunately, the teaching of translation in universities has not adopted techniques that can response this situation. The technique is proposed by considering two influential concepts in translation theory, i. Text linguistics is a branch of linguistics that deals with texts as communication systems. Text linguistics takes into account the form of a text and its setting, i.

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