Computer system validation interview questions and answers pdf

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computer system validation interview questions and answers pdf

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Interview Guides Medical Validation Pharma.

When working with ERP systems in the life sciences sector there are two key questions in relation to computer systems validation CSV which clients always ask. Which parts of the pharmaceutical value chain are subject to CSV? Which modules of an ERP system need to be validated? The answers to these questions are determined by where and how the ERP system is being used within the organisation.

Computer Validation: Frequently Asked Questions on GMP/FDA Compliance

Audit Trail: Audit trail must be Secure, Computer generated, time-stamped, and independent. It record date and time of the operator entries and actions that create modify, or delete electronic records. Since the scripts in ASP pages suffix. Computer system validation: Validation of entire system. It can be implemented on one server, or multiple servers depending on need and scalability requirements. It has successfully published over 5, submissions, including some of the largest submissions in the world.

A Standard Operating Procedure SOP is a certain type of document that describes in a step-by-step outline form how to perform a particular task or operation. Everyone in a company must follow the same procedures to assure that tasks are performed consistently and correctly. Most companies have a wide variety of SOPs that describe how to do different tasks. In many companies technicians and operators are trained in how to follow individual SOPs and their training record specifies which SOPs they are trained on and are authorized to use. Part 11, as it is commonly called, defines the criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered to be trustworthy, reliable and equivalent to paper records. User Requirements Specification describes what users require from the System.

Validation Pharma Interview Preparation Guide

Posted on Lab Compliance. Computer system validation CSV is a documented process that is required by regulatory agencies around the world to verify that a computerized system does exactly what it is designed to do in a consistent and reproducible manner. These regulatory agencies require CSV processes to confirm the accuracy and integrity of data in computerized systems in order to ensure product safety and effectiveness. In the United States, for example, the FDA requires pharmaceutical companies to perform CSV for systems that support the production of the following products:. Computer system validation is required when configuring a new system or making a change in a validated system upgrades, patches, extensions, etc.

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Computer Validation: Frequently Asked Questions on GMP/FDA Compliance On the topic of computer validation, a greatnumber of regulations and Preamble; Implementation of Systems; System Operations and the respective answers given by the representatives fromauthorities and the industry.

Computer Systems Validation FAQs

On the topic of computer validation, a greatnumber of regulations and guidelines were published during the past years. It is perfectly clear that theauthors of this guidance did not intend to reinvent the wheel. Theirintention was to set out in detail the state of the art and knowledge byreferencing current documents, e. Above all part 3 is very interesting because it contains checklists andaide-memoires that can be used by inspectors during inspections.

Q: When do I need to validate my systems? A: Validation is required when your system computer system, equipment, process, or method is used in a GxP process or used to make decisions about the quality of the product. In addition, if the system is used to generate information for submissions to regulatory bodies like the FDA, the system needs to be validated. Q: How does validation add value to my system?

Computer Systems Validation – Key Questions Answered

Validation FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about Validation)

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GMP Conferences by Topics

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