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work power and energy pdf

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The notes on the work power and energy are given below.

The principle of work and kinetic energy also known as the work-energy theorem states that the work done by the sum of all forces acting on a particle equals the change in the kinetic energy of the particle. This definition can be extended to rigid bodies by defining the work of the torque and rotational kinetic energy. Kinetic Energy : A force does work on the block. The kinetic energy of the block increases as a result by the amount of work. This relationship is generalized in the work-energy theorem.

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It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change its form. What work is being done and by whom? The winning team does work. The work is equal to the product of the resultant force and the displacement undergone by the losing team. Changing its mass or changing its velocity? Changing its velocity. When a force of 1 newton acting on a body displaces it in its own direction.

Joule and Watt. What is its SI unit? It is defined as the rate of doing work. Its unit is watt. When is work said to be done against the force of gravity? When a body lifted the work is done against the force of gravity.

Work is done against the force of gravity. Zero, because force and displacement are perpendicular to each other. The displacement is, say 8 m, in the direction of the force.

Let us take it that the force acts on the object through the displacement. What is the work done in this case? Work is said to be done when a force causes displacement of an object in the direction of applied force. The field being ploughed is 15 m long. How much work is done in ploughing the length of the field? The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its motion is called kinetic energy. When a work of 1 joule is done in 1s, the power is said to be one watt. What is its power? When a machine or person does different amounts of work or uses energy in different intervals of time, the ratio between the total work or energy consumed to the total time is average power.

Energy is the ability of a body to do work. It is also defined as the capacity to do work. Does it imply that the body possesses no energy? When a body does not perform any work, it never implies that the body has no energy.

The body may have energy but still does not perform any work, e. The SI unit of energy is joule. Its kinetic energy will be doubled. The kinetic energy of the body will become one-fourth. The speed is doubled. Yes, it can possess potential energy. It is defined as the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position or change in shape. Potential energy. The SI unit of potential energy is.

It is the change of energy from one form of energy into another form of energy. Can energy be created? Name the two forms. It converts chemical energy into electrical energy. A unit bigger than watt is kilowatt.

From where does it get the kinetic energy? A stretched bow possesses potential energy on account of a change in its shape. To shoot an arrow; the bow is released. The potential energy of the bow is converted into the kinetic energy of the arrow. It is a unit of power. Which one is moving fast? The lighter body is moving fast. Define 1 watt. Explain your answer giving a suitable example.

Yes, it is possible, when the force is perpendicular to the direction of motion. The moon revolving round the earth under the centripetal force of attraction of the earth but earth does not do any work on the motion of The moon. How is work measured? When is work done by a force negative? Work is said to be done if force acting on an object displaces it through a certain distance. It is measured as the product of force and displacement. Work done is negative if force and displacement are in the opposite direction.

It is moved to a point B. If the line joining A and B is horizontal, what is the work done on the object by the gravitational force? Explain your answer. The work done is zero. This is because the gravitational force and displacement are perpendicular to each other. Does this violate the law of conservation of energy?

It does not violate the law of conservation of energy. Whatever, is the decrease in PE due to loss of height, same is the increase in the KE due to increase in velocity of the body. The chemical energy of the food changes into heat and then to muscular energy.

On paddling, the muscular energy changes into mechanical energy. Where is the energy you spend going? Energy transfer does not take place as no displacement takes place in the direction of applied force; the energy spent is used to overcome inertia of rest of the rock. The initial and the final points of the path of the object lie on the same horizontal line. What is the work done by the force of gravity on the object?

Since the body returns to a point which is on the same horizontal line through the point of projection, no displacement has taken place against the force of gravity; therefore, no work is done by the force due to gravity. Describe the energy changes involved in the process. Within the electric cell of the battery the chemical energy changes into electrical energy.

The electric energy on flowing through the filament of the bulb, first changes into heat energy and then into the light energy. Justify your answer. The force of gravity only changes the direction of motion of the i satellite.

Think; discuss this question with your friends and teacher. The answer is. Yes, because when an object moves in deep space from one point to another point in a straight line, the displacement takes place, without the application of force.

No, because force cannot be zero for displacement on the surface of earth. Some force is i essential. Has he done some work or not? The person does not do work because no displacement takes place in the direction of applied force as the force acts in the vertically upward direction. How much work should be done on the object in order to bring the object to rest? Work done to bring the object to rest is equal change in kinetic energy of the object.

Do you agree with her? Yes, we do agree when the number of forces act on a body, such that they constitute balanced forces, then net force acting on the body is zero. In such a situation no acceleration acts on the object. The KE on reaching the ground changes into heat energy, sound energy etc. At a thermal power station, the chemical energy of coal is changed into heat energy which is further changed into electrical energy with the help of an electric generator.

The work done by a force depends upon: i The magnitude of the force. In order to balance the load on his head, the coolie applies a force on it in the upward direction, equal to its weight. His displacement is along the horizontal direction. When we wind our watch, we wind the spring inside the watch. As a result, energy is stored in the spring in the form of elastic potential energy.

Potential And Kinetic Energy Worksheet 8th Grade Pdf

Examples of Potential Energy: A stretched rubber band. The rate at which gravity pulls something to the Earth create that energy. Potential energy is often converted into another type of energy called kinetic energy. Solar panels are used to capture light energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. If it is due to the position, structure of matter, or composition, it is called potential energy. Get Free Access See Review. A rock placed on a tall cliff has potential energy due to the height at which it is placed.

Mechanical Energy Pdf. International Energy Conservation Code The journal aims to be a leading peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information for analyses, reviews and evaluations related to energy. Think back to the swing example. The values of M, h. Mechanical engineers are responsible for conceiving, designing, manufacturing, testing, and marketing devices and systems that alter, transfer, transform, and utilize the energy forms that cause motion. The best-known example are: Fan: The motor in Fan converts electrical energy into mechanical energy; Bulb: Here the electrical energy is converted into light energy.

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Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 Science Work, Power and Energy

After you have studied lesson, you must be looking for notes to memorize. Work: When a force acts on an object and the object shows displacement, the force has done work on the object. Energy The capacity of a body to do work is called the energy of the body.

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Energy Transformation Worksheet Pdf. The milk at which temperature has more thermal energy? In electric motors the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Kmbt , Energytransformations energycanchangefromonetypeto, Energy transformation object, Energy f e, What is energy, Identify the forms of energy shown in the images 1, Energy transformations, 8th grade science energy unit information.

It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change its form. What work is being done and by whom?

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The unit of work is joule. A ball is dropped from a height of 10 m. How much time will be required to perform J of work at the rate of 20 W? A students caries a bag weighing 5 kg from the ground floor to his class on the first floor that is 2 m high. Toggle navigation.

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Draw a force diagram and free body diagram. • Calculate the net work done on an object using the equation Wnet = Fnet∆xcosθ. • Define energy as the ability to​.

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