Difference between machine language and assembly language pdf

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difference between machine language and assembly language pdf

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In computer science , a high-level programming language is a programming language with strong abstraction from the details of the computer.

What is a programming language?

A programming language defines a set of instructions that are compiled together to perform a specific task by the CPU Central Processing Unit. Each programming language contains a unique set of keywords and syntax, which are used to create a set of instructions. Thousands of programming languages have been developed till now, but each language has its specific purpose. These languages vary in the level of abstraction they provide from the hardware. Some programming languages provide less or no abstraction while some provide higher abstraction.

Difference Between Assembly and Machine Language

By Priya Pedamkar. In this article, we will discuss in detail about assembly language vs machine language. Machine language is a language that has a binary form. It can be directly executed by a computer. The programming language is a set of instructions, in order to make a computer understand to perform a specific task or create an algorithm. All programming language has some primitive building blocks which are known as syntax.

Programming languages allow humans to create instructions for a computer to perform tasks. There are three categories of programming languages such as High-level programming languages, Assembly language, and Machine language. High-level programming languages are easier for humans to understand. Language recognized by a computer is known as machine language. Assembly language is the language between high-level languages and machine language.

Difference between Machine Language and Assembly Language

Programming languages are used for creating instructions to make computers perform specific tasks. These languages can be categorized as machine language, high-level programming language, and assembly language. Through this article, we aim to make our readers gain more knowledge about the definitions of machine language and assembly language, the difference between assembly language and machine language, and their key features and functionality. The conversion of a high-level language to machine language takes place by using an interpreter or compiler. The assembly language definition states that it acts as the intermediate language between machine language and high-level programming languages.

The lowest-level programming language except for computers that utilize programmable microcode Machine languages are the only languages understood by computers. While easily understood by computers, machine languages are almost impossible for humans to use because they consist entirely of numbers. Programmers, therefore, use either a high-level programming language or an assembly language.

High-level programming language

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