Hackman and oldham job characteristics model pdf

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hackman and oldham job characteristics model pdf

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job Characteristics Model

Some jobs are no fun. So how do you get good people to fill these less-than-desirable positions? The key is to make them as rewarding as possible. Even a relatively boring job can be adjusted to provide the employee with an improved sense of motivation. This model looks at a variety of characteristics which apply to every job.

Once these characteristics are viewed through the lens of a given position, the manager may then be able to use the model to devise ways in which the work could be more attractive. To get started, we are going to look at the three important psychological states related to work, as identified by Hackman and Oldham. It stands to reason that work which has some meaning is going to be more motivating on a day to day basis than something that is meaningless to the individual.

When people lack motivation on the job, it is usually because they see the job only as a way to receive a paycheck. To break free from that cycle, it is important to frame the work in a manner that makes it as meaningful as possible to each individual. This is harder to do with some jobs than others, but it is possible for nearly any position.

Micromanagement is one of the fastest ways to take motivation away from your employees. With that in mind, it makes sense that giving those same employees plenty of responsibility in their positions will help to motivate them as time goes by. They will feel better about coming to work each day, knowing they are trusted and knowing they are going to have the chance to determine their own destiny.

Rather than just following orders, they will be making decisions and doing their best to succeed for the organization. This is one which is often overlooked, but it is extremely important nonetheless. In some jobs, the employees never really get to see the fruits of their labors — which can be demoralizing over the long run. Is the work they are putting in leading to a good result? What do those results look like?

Even if an employee is only performing one function within a much larger picture, that employee would still benefit from a motivational perspective if he or she was able to see the outcome of their work. They will be more emotionally invested in the work they do if they are able to see what becomes of that work when it reaches the customer. Also, this is a good way for an employee to see what may be going wrong and then make corrections to better the outcome for the business.

So now that we have highlighted the three key psychological states, we can get a bit further into what it is about a job that is going to influence those states. The list below should help you gain a better understanding of this topic. It would benefit any business to make sure that its employees were as happy and motivated as possible on a daily basis.

Motivated employees are going to work harder, and they will stay longer — both of which are good things for a business trying to grow. By taking the insights which are offered by the Hackman and Oldham Job Characteristics model, you should be able to take even the most mundane job in your organization and improve it. Every organization is driven by the people who work within it each day. To improve your outlook, think of each employee individually and make sure he or she has the right tools and opportunities to feel motivated on the job.

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Journal of School of Public Health and

The Hackman and Oldham Job Characteristics Model JCM has been widely used to determine whether or not certain core features of jobs do evoke some psychological reactions by workers. This study was motivated and prompted by the seemingly paucity of research on the validity of the model within an African setting. The study investigated the validity of the model with regards to Akwa Ibom State Civil Service and reveals that the civil service work settings create a serious relationship between the psychological well beings of civil servants, their growth, development and internal motivation. The study concludes that the model is valid in both European and African settings and in manufacturing and service oriented organizations as well. It therefore, recommends that the administrators in the civil service should acknowledge individual differences because different people would respond differently to work enrichment in an organizational setting.

Remember me Create Account Reset Password. Role and effect of the job characteristic model JCM on job satisfaction. Background and Aim: Job enrichment is a method that has been used to increase employee satisfaction and work motivation. The Hackman and Oldham job characteristics model has served as the foundation for many job enrichment efforts. In particular, a considerable amount of research has been devoted to the study of the job characteristics-job satisfaction relations.

Pinder () commented that Hackman and. Oldham included the positive aspects of Herzberg's theory in their. Job Characteristics Model. Activation Theory (as.


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Job characteristics theory is a theory of work design. Work redesign first got its start in the s. Up until then, the prevailing attitude was that jobs should be simplified in order to maximize production , however it was found that when subjected to highly routinized and repetitive tasks, the benefits of simplification sometimes disappeared due to worker dissatisfaction. It was proposed that jobs should be enriched in ways that boosted motivation, instead of just simplified to a string of repetitive tasks.

Hackman & Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model

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The job characteristics model, designed by Hackman and Oldham, is based on the idea that the task itself is key to employee motivation. Specifically, a boring and monotonous job stifles motivation to perform well, whereas a challenging job enhances motivation. Variety, autonomy and decision authority are three ways of adding challenge to a job. Job enrichment and job rotation are the two ways of adding variety and challenge. Download our FREE ebook 'A summary of motivation theories' to get an overview and brief practical analysis all the theories in one handy document. We hate spam too.

The Job Characteristics Model, developed by organizational psychologists J. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham, is a normative approach to job enrichment see job redesign.


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