Sheep and goat farming in india pdf

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sheep and goat farming in india pdf

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Special Issue. Goats, including dairy goats, are adapted to a wide variety of harsh environments and thus play key roles as providers of nutrition, food security and socio-economic status to their human owners in many low-income Asian countries. In many countries in Southeast and East Asia, medium and large scale commercial dairy goat farming can be profitable enterprises because of the high price of goat milk, and good demand due to its health and medicinal properties. In some Asian countries, dairy goats play important roles in non-commercial activities, including use as educational animals in elementary schools in Japan and show animals in Indonesia. Dairy goat farmers in Asia are faced with numerous challenges, such as a shortage of high producing animals adapted to the local environment, lack of quality feeds during a prolonged dry season, many diseases and difficulty getting their product to market, however, the increasing demand for goat milk in the newly developed and developed economies in Asia provides an optimistic future for dairy goat production in this region.

Goat Farming

Goats have always been considered very useful animals. Goats success is related to its excellent adaptability to the difficult mountain conditions, extreme weather and low value feed acceptance, versatile habits and high production considering their size. These are some reasons because goats are among the first animals to be domesticated. In terms of evolution, goats could be separated by their dispersion area in three large groups: the European, the Asian, and the African. Global goat populations, mainly in Africa and in Asia, have increased for centuries but very strongly in the past decades, well above the world population growth. They are also used for forest grazing, an integrated and alternative production system, very useful to control weed growth reducing fire risk. There are consumers for goat dairy products and there is enough global production, but misses a professional network between both.

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Project report for any types of business is important for beginners. In goat farming business project report will be the key factor of business. This Goat farming project report shows, how can you earn profit from goat farming business. Goat farming in India is growing day by day, with many young entrepreneurs entering into commercial goat farming. All the equipment needed for commercial goat farm and profit guide is available in this project report.

Goat Farming In India: Full Business Guide for the Beginners

Goat is a multi functional animal and plays a significant role in the economy and nutrition of landless, small and marginal farmers in the country. Goat rearing is an enterprise which has been practiced by a large section of population in rural areas. Goats can efficiently survive on available shrubs and trees in adverse harsh environment in low fertility lands where no other crop can be grown. In pastoral and agricultural subsistence societies in India, goats are kept as a source of additional income and as an insurance against disaster. Goats are also used in ceremonial feastings and for the payment of social dues. In addition to this, goat has religious and ritualistic importance in many societies. The advantages of goat rearing are :.

Commercial goat farming in India is becoming very popular day by day. It is also one of the finest and established livestock management department in the country. Huge market demand and proper spread ensures fast profitability and sustainability of this business for long term. This type producers or large companies control a citable portion of the total market. In India, the goats are among the main meat producing animals. Most of the people prefer goat meat and has a huge domestic demand. Along with meat production, goats are also very suitable for milk, fiber and skin production.

in India. Scope of improved goat farming in India. Breed characteristics of goats even soil erosion like all grazing animal e. g cattle, buffalo and sheep.

Goat System Productions: Advantages and Disadvantages to the Animal, Environment and Farmer

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Goat Farming In India: Full Business Guide for the Beginners

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Sheep and Goat Production Management

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export of live goat/sheep and their meat from India (Dalgado et al., ). Responding to the market signals, the goat production system in India has been slowly.

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