Capitalization and punctuation rules pdf

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capitalization and punctuation rules pdf

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At first glance, the rules of English capitalization seem simple. You probably know you should capitalize proper nouns and the first word of every sentence. But you also sometimes capitalize the first word of a quote.


Can you imagine a paragraph without any periods or commas? In truth, it would be almost unreadable. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar , and, at minimum, one of them has to appear in every sentence, never mind every paragraph, to make it easily understood. The good news is, with fourteen different punctuation marks to choose from, variety will remain the spice of life. Follow these 6 basic punctuation rules and they will help you to write more clearly and effectively. When punctuation is parallel it means that interrupting a main clause with a dash or a comma requires the same punctuation at both the beginning and end of the clause.

Punctuation and Capital letters: All about the rules and usage (Part 2)

The most common punctuation marks in English are: capital letters and full stops, question marks, commas, colons and semi-colons, exclamation marks and quotation marks. In speaking, we use pauses and the pitch of the voice to make what we say clear. Punctuation plays a similar role in writing, making it easier to read. Punctuation consists of both rules and conventions. There are rules of punctuation that have to be followed; but there are also punctuation conventions that give writers greater choice. We use capital letters to mark the beginning of a sentence and we use full stops to mark the end of a sentence:. W e went to France last summer.

Jump to navigation. The word 'punctuation' is derived from the Latin word 'punctum' or point, and refers to the use of putting in Points or Stops in writing, in order to increase readability. There are quite a few punctuation marks, each having a separate usage. In the last part of this article Read: Punctuation and Capital letters: All about the rules and usage Part 1 , we looked at the rules of using capital letters, the usages of the three dashes hyphen, en dash, em dash , how to differentiate between semicolons and colons, and all about ellipses and full stops. Example: I am taking art history, Russian literature, microeconomics, and macroeconomics next semester. A comma used before 'and' to clarify the sentence is called an Oxford comma or a serial comma. The last comma helps the reader understand that macroeconomics is one course, while microeconomics is another separate course.

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Capitalization and Punctuation Rules. Capital Letters. Always use a capital letter for the first word of a sentence. Thank you for the letter. the first word in a.

6 Basic Punctuation Rules

Want to know more about when to capitalize and which punctuation marks to use. Read on to find out the different rules for capitalization and punctuation. Capitalization Rules Punctuation Rules. The police office stated : "We found the suspect's fingerprints at the scene of the crime. Look at the following rules, then look at their coordinating examples on the next column.

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Capitalization Rules

capitalization and punctuation rules

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